Irishman Arrested For Hashish Hidden In Chili Peppers

An Irish man in his twenties is charged after police discover more than € 2 million (US $ 2.3 million) of cannabis hidden in boxes of zucchini and hot chili peppers in Irelandreported the Irish examiner.

The loot was discovered after reports of “unusual activity” were received from County Laois, Province of Leinster. When the Gardaí (Irish Police) officers responded and then searched a nearby warehouse and the surrounding area, they found pallets of boxes of vegetables – hot chilli peppers, to be precise – that had previously been unloaded from a truck.

When the Gardaí rummaged through boxes, they found 266,759 pounds of cannabis valued at an estimated 2,180,000 euros.

The young man, who was arrested at the scene and claimed he had nothing to do with the herb mixed with the vegetables, is due to be tried once the investigation continues.

Operation tare: According to reports, the bust was part of Operation tare, an anti-drug operation by the Irish police. The operation, which began in July, aims to “disrupt, destroy and prosecute drug trafficking networks at all levels – international, national, local – involved in importation, distribution, cultivation, production, local sale and the supply of controlled drugs are involved ”.

Authorities focus more on hard drugs than cannabis: So far, Operation Tara has resulted in a number of bankruptcies, including a € 30,000 cocaine raid on Galway earlier this week. Although numerous operations have led to weed discoveries,

Cannabis doesn’t seem to be a priorityespecially insofar as guns and related violence are seldom associated with illegal marijuana activities.

The Gardaí, on the other hand, have vowed to “break the drug gangs that openly treat and target families for debt while devastating communities”.

Cannabis is still illegal on the Emerald Island: Recreational cannabis is still illegal in Ireland. Patients and lawyers were educated earlier this year Patients for safe access, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the country’s medical cannabis laws and overcoming barriers to research.

Photo: LoggaWiggler from Pixabay.