Kelly’s Earth turns into first CBD or Hemp firm to Battle Eco-Anxiousness and Eco-depression

CBD that people can trust is safe and effective. Kelly’s Earth’s premium CBD is designed to be part of daily mental and physical care.

Kelly’s Earth products are made from nature’s cleaner. “

– Katrel Kelly (Founder and CEO of Kelly’s Earth)

UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 / – The climate crisis is not just having physical consequences. One report said it is having an increasing impact on people’s mental health. A climate fear survey found that young people between the ages of 16 and 25 showed signs of psychological distress from the climate crisis. Although undiagnosed, the eco-fear is real and needs to be addressed immediately. Kelly’s Earth hemp oil helps reduce anxiety and depression.

People and planets. This is the core mantra at Kelly’s Earth and her team is constantly thinking about how they can work together to preserve our environment and improve collective mental wellbeing. Kelly’s Earth aims to combat eco-anxiety through the use of CBD. The aim is to build up the company to partner and finance projects and technologies for the preservation of planet earth. More than just a brand of exceptional products and services, Kelly’s Earth aims to provide easy access to hemp CBD products, comprehensive education, the latest industry research, and verified customer testimonials for people everywhere.

The founder and CEO of Kelly’s Earth, Katrel Kelly, is a budding eco-activist, changemaker and “Hämpathin”. It has long been his mission to create a platform showcasing the incredible health benefits of CBD through premium, hemp-infused products made to the highest standards. “With a strong value system deeply rooted in the fight against climate change, my vision for the company soon began to serve a larger purpose that went well beyond promoting tinctures and soothing creams.”

Says Katrel Kelly, “Here’s the thing: Climate change affects more than just our environment. It can also sabotage our mental wellbeing. As someone deeply concerned about the preservation of our environment, I often struggle with eco-anxiety – a term used to describe mental disorders caused by increased concerns about our climate emergency. Think about stress, anxiety, and nervousness. What helped me overcome this was a commitment to using sustainable products that best serve my mental health, my body and my planet – products like ours here at Kelly’s Earth that are lovingly made from nature’s cleanser and one of the world’s largest most environmentally friendly plants in the world: hemp. ‘

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Kelly’s Earth is the first CBD / hemp company to focus on combating climate change and the associated environmental anxiety and depression. To learn more, visit and follow on Instagram @Kellysearth

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