LA Edibles Firm Delivers Lovely Hashish Bon Bons To the Doorstep

Unsurprisingly, the cannabis industry appears COVID-19 safe as legal cannabis sales have skyrocketed while people stay at home. Ride on that wave is a new company from Culver City called Cloud 11, which opened last weekend and hopes to severely impact the edible cannabis market by offering handcrafted candy via a white glove delivery service.

Cloud 11’s chocolate candies are best described as two edibles that vary between two and four milligrams of psychoactive THC per serving. This isn’t the standard edible gummy bears containing 10 milligrams of THC in a square confection that is less than an inch tall. According to founders Nicholas Pritzker and chef Manuela Sanin, Cloud 11 edibles can provide a “healthier” experience that avoids the uncertainty of other options, with the added benefit of the company’s candy being actually made by a trained pastry chef.

That’s not the only factor that sets Cloud 11 apart. The larger serving of chocolate, the low cannabis dose, Sanin’s skills as pastry chef alum from New York’s Eleven Madison Park, and flavors that read like ingredients from a standard restaurant (as opposed to an edible manufacturer) are all differentiators for a company that tries to make his own brand. “Food is delicious and doesn’t have to stop at food,” says Sanin. “These are flavors that go well with the natural bitterness and earthiness of cannabis. Cannabis can be savory, so we used flavors that are used in both sweet and savory applications: peanuts, pink peppercorns, sesame seeds. “

Pritzker and Sanin are part of the new generation of upscale cannabis companies that have opened across California and across the country in recent years. The “older, tie-dyed, Cheech & Chong, ridiculously stoned” style of an earlier generation has instead morphed into ambitious and popular cannabis-use lounges in West Hollywood and across the country (including Las Vegas) where businesses are locating -Site areas for a light drink, a full cannabis-laced meal, or a comedy show.

Strawberry Pink Peppercorn Edibles Courtesy of Cloud 11

For the LA market, Cloud 11 even sends a white gloved delivery person to your door with a pack of cannabis receipts with salted peanut, black sesame and yuzu or strawberry-pink pepper. They source strawberries from Harry’s Berries in Oxnard, a sea salt company in New York State, and sesame paste from a family business in Japan. Pritzker says the chocolates must be tenderized and handled with care, which they hope will appeal to those who consume regularly or have not felt compelled to try any form of cannabis beforehand.

“It’s a good product for someone who has been afraid to try cannabis in the past,” says Sanin. “If you’ve had this experience before, it’s something so beautiful that it gives you confidence in the product. And because it’s low-dose, you can dip your toes in the pool without taking a lot of weight. “

Since it is still in its infancy, the delivery radius of Cloud 11 is still somewhat limited. While the Culver City company ships to the South Bay and San Fernando Valley, areas like Eagle Rock and Pasadena are out of reach. In terms of price, each flavor of Cloud 11 is available in 11-piece doses with two dosage options, either two or four milligrams with the psychoactive THC. Each single-flavor can is $ 90, while double cans that combine two flavors and dosages are $ 170.