Launching A New Avenue For CBD Farming On 4/20 With The Assist Of DeFi, AI And Drones

Greenheart Punt expands options for farmers in low-income countries with an innovative DeFi credit protocol.

The almost infinite applications of blockchain technology have only been expanded in the last few months with the introduction of DeFi protocols and platforms (decentralized finance). The total value set in the world’s cumulative logs is currently over $ 55 billion, and interest in DeFi’s potential is greater than ever.

Creativity and innovation in this area have exploded in the last few months. The world’s brightest minds leverage DeFi’s compositional ability and flexible structure to create applications that aim to solve problems in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, insurance, and gaming, to name a few. Another industry that has not been overlooked is agriculture. Irish company Greenheart Punt, a decentralized lending platform, aims to improve CBD production while improving the lives of farmers and their families in low-income countries.

Expanded opportunities for millions of farmers worldwide

There are more than 570 million farms in the world, over 90% of which are owned by an individual or family and rely primarily on family labor. Family businesses produce around 80% of the world’s food and take up a large part of the world’s agricultural land. However, despite their importance to the global economy, most struggle to make savings, invest in opportunities, or deploy technologies that can increase production or mitigate business risks. Many have no access to formal financial services due to a lack of formal identification, collateral or creditworthiness.

DeFi can change that dilemma by providing limitless financial access to farmers, and the platform will provide project- and community-based loans to farmers around the world who want to switch to CBD cultivation and production. The global CBD market was valued at $ 967.2 million in 2020. The global market is projected to reach $ 5.3 billion by 2025, creating a tremendous market opportunity for farmers who can access the right technology to produce the chemical compound from the Cannabid-Sativa plant.

Greenheart Punt offers a decentralized credit exchange and enables lending and funding between users and community participants by applying advanced smart contracts on a range of blockchain networks. With the aim of expanding CBD farming to all four corners of the world, the project will also introduce artificial intelligence and drone technology into the mix, giving farmers access to advanced tools to remotely track plant health.

The Greenheart Punt 4/20 IDO

To fuel the continued growth of the project, Greenheart Punt is launching its native ERC20 PUNT token on April 20th, a date known by many as 4/20 and a day celebrated in support of global marijuana legalization becomes. The token launch takes place on the platform, a popular launchpad that has supported several successful DeFi projects with their launch.

Greenheart Punt stands out from other marijuana projects in the cryptocurrency landscape such as Hempcoin and Pot Coin as it provides farmers with a comprehensive DeFi solution while helping the industry grow by integrating new technologies such as AI-powered drones. With Greenheart CBD, Greenheart Punt’s partner company, which has grown over 560% since launching its CBD marketplace website in 2020, the demand for CBD products is obviously growing year on year. The company plans to take advantage of this growth to bring new technologies to market that will improve the lives of farmers without bank accounts below the global border.

Disclaimer: This article is educational and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult your financial advisor before purchasing digital assets.

Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay