Lengthy Covid victims utilizing medical hashish to ease signs with demand on the rise


It is believed that more than two million people struggle with long-term Covid symptoms, which can include shortness of breath, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and joint pain

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What is long covid and what are the known symptoms?

People who have long suffered from Covid find medical cannabis can relieve their debilitating symptoms, people may reveal. And services that are allowed to prescribe the drug say the demand is increasing.

Medical cannabis was legalized in the UK three years ago. According to MHRA guidelines, it can only be prescribed by a specialist if other approved treatments for a disease have been shown to have not worked or are unsuitable.

As long as Covid is a new disease, those affected should not yet meet these criteria. The pain advisor Dr. However, Jean Gerard Sinovich, medical director at the Cannabis Access Service, said requests for a long Covid treatment are increasing.

The online prescriber heard from 65 long-term Covid sufferers in four months.

Sharron Brothwell is among those with long covid who claim medicinal cannabis has reduced symptoms.

Sharron Brothwood has noted “so many benefits” of her home recipe

Another patient said the drug helped his chronic pain and long Covid symptoms

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Blackpool mother of three, Lancs, was prescribed the drug to treat chronic fibromyalgia. After contracting Covid in March 2020, she relied on inhalers – but says she no longer needs them thanks to her cannabis recipe from Sapphire Medical Clinics of 380 pounds a month.

Sharron said, “I felt like I was jet lagged all the time. That has all changed now. The other day I was able to take my dog ​​alone to the park for a ten minute walk there and back, which I couldn’t have done a few months ago. It is amazing.”

Another patient, a 50-year-old grandfather from Flintshire, Wales, was prescribed the drug for arthritis by the Cannabis Access Service 15 months ago.

He increased his dose after a Covid attack in September left him with long-term shortness of breath and fatigue.

Medical cannabis was legalized in the UK three years ago


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He said, “I was ruined, absolutely drained. But I’ve found that using my vaporizer more often has helped open my airways and reduce muscle pain. “

It is believed that more than two million people in the UK are struggling with Covid, which symptoms persist for at least four weeks after the first virus.

Dr. Sinovich said, “I’ve seen patients who have long had Covid and noticed improvements in sleep and fatigue levels.

“There is an option to use this as additional armor if we want to treat Covid for a long time. It is exciting.”

The demand for services allowed to prescribe the drug has increased


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Dr. Simon Erridge, director of research and access at Sapphire, said there was “no evidence that could directly suggest that medical cannabis is better for long-term Covid symptoms”. But he added: “Many with long Covid have muscle pain, abdominal pain, neuropathic pain. We have seen positive effects with medical cannabis under these conditions. “

He awaits further research on long-term Covid and the role medical cannabis can play.

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