On our behalf and that of our neighbors in Sutter, we strongly object to being allowed to grow hemp behind our homes along Pass Road. Our homes are on Butte Ave just a few feet from the plants. Sutter High School’s hayfield is barely 90 feet away. The overwhelming stench of hemp (which is identical to marijuana) is so strong that we cannot open our windows or go outside (and enjoy our yards). For months, the disgusting stench has permeated our neighborhood and those nearby, not to mention the Sutter High School campus and sports fields, around the clock. We have seen an unprecedented increase in crime and shady behavior in the area, with flashlights, noise and human activity in the fields late at night.

Hemp has a negative impact on neighborhoods, schools, and communities. It should never have been allowed near our quiet little town. Our supervisors and other executives should take steps to stop issuing permits to grow hemp near Sutter and adopt new safeguards that will allow us to enjoy our homes and neighborhoods in peace and security as we have for decades harvest arrived.

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