Letter to the editor,

Thank you to the people of Willits and Mendocino Counties for supporting this unique cultural story, including exhibits for our local Emerald City Counter Culture and the Traveling Hemp Museum. So enjoy our reopening on 420 in the heart of Willits!

We are a new jewel in the crown of the emerald triangle.

A big thank you to Pete Swanton and Steve Marston for their continued generosity that old Rexall provides for our exhibits.

Greg Schindel played music, Chris Moore exhibited old Volkswagens, thank you two! And we had speakers and special guests.

This exhibition of our shared history is for our mutual benefit to attract tourism and offer future educational events. Richard Jergenson offered us this gift from his longstanding collection of “Back to the Land” memorabilia from our region and beyond.

Willits has everything to be a premier visitor and tourism location. We hope that tourists will enjoy visiting our two museums!

Please stop by and see what we did. This exhibition recognizes Willits as an important historical site of counterculture, the return to land movement, and the origins of cannabis culture. The Traveling Hemp Museum is an amazing collection that spans the world. We’re also celebrating the 51st anniversary of the iconic ProtoPipe, made here in Willits, as well as a vibrant 420 Art Gallery that features 10 local artists.

Whether you love cannabis or not, it’s part of our shared local history. Behind the scenes, cannabis has supported our economy for decades, even though we couldn’t see it because it was invisible.

We have been losing our old farmers since legalization and overregulation by our county and state, but we can capitalize on our history.

This museum announces to the world that we are indeed the Emerald City of the Emerald Triangle.

Thank you to everyone who so generously donated, contributed and continued to support this creation, the Emerald City Museum and the 420 Art Gallery. We are located in the old Willits pharmacy downtown, which is open Saturday to Sunday from 1pm to 5pm on weekends until the end of June.

-Annie Waters and Richard Jergenson, Willits