Mayors throughout US push Biden for hashish reform (Publication: September 14, 2021)

NE Marijuana Ballot Actions Filed; MN House Survey Shows Growing Support for Legalization; ME’s record cannabis sales

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At his first meeting, Marylands House Cannabis Referendum and Legalization Workgroup discussed the steps needed to create laws to implement marijuana legalization if voters approve the question the spokesman has promised to ask for the 2022 ballot.

Activists from Nebraska submitted two complementary medicinal cannabis initiatives that they hope will qualify for the 2022 election. The approach was designed to circumvent a one-topic challenge like the one that turned their 2020 campaign upside down.

A survey by the Minnesota House of Representatives at the State Fair found that 58 percent of those polled are in favor of legalizing marijuana – and that it’s more popular than legalizing sports gambling, which allows take-away alcoholic beverages and automatic voter registration.

the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy reported that marijuana retailers broke a record for the first time in August with more than $ 10 million in monthly recreational purchases of cannabis in the small state of 1.3 million residents.


the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tweeted about a recent study that shows Marijuana sales are increasing in several states during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sen. Jon-Tester (D-MT) spoke about his opposition to the legalization of marijuana.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tweeted, “I support marijuana reform. @JoeBiden & other Dems don’t. It’s a health problem. A freedom issue. A problem of social justice. “

Washington State Democratic Congressional candidate Jason Call tweeted: “The choice is to legalize marijuana and continue to force millions of BIPOC to suffer the horrors of our racist prison system. That shouldn’t be a difficult decision. “


New Yorks The assembly spokesman named his election to the Cannabis Control Board.

California Regulators are moving consolidate Cannabis rules.

Connecticuts The consumer protection officer said there could be a delay in the expected launch of recreational marijuana sales.

Missouri Legislators are unlikely to override Governor Mike Parson’s (R) veto of a bill that would allow medical cannabis operators to deduct business expenses from state taxes.

A Wisconsin Senator sponsoring a marijuana legalization bill posted via a cannabis farm tour.

A Arkansas The judge ruled that a lawsuit accusing regulators of wrongly refusing to license a medical cannabis dispensary can go ahead.

Montana Regulators suggested rules for increasing marijuana canopy animal size and advertising restrictions, and accepted Changes to Medical Cannabis Regulations.

Washington Regulators have posted a bulletin on the enforcement of Delta-8-THC.

Colorado Regulators have sent information about a planned increase in medical cannabis processing fees.

the South Dakota The subcommittee on adult marijuana investigation will meet on Friday.

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the Chicago, Illinois The city council’s zoning committee approved the mayor’s plan to relax the zoning rules for marijuana stores.

the Sioux Falls, South Dakota The city council approved a medical cannabis ordinance that limits pharmacies to five.

Denver, Colorado Regulators will hold a hearing on Friday on rules for marijuana storage and service windows.

New York City The Child Services Administration tweeted the importance of keeping marijuana edibles out of the reach of children.


Italy The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee has passed a bill to decriminalize low-level marijuana cultivation.

Former Haitian Prime Minister Michèle Pierre-Louis joined the Global Commission on Drugs Policy along with a former Mali Minister of Health and Social Affairs.

Paraguay Interinstitutional Commission on Industrial Hemp met.


One review concluded that “several studies have shown that certain terpenes” Reduce symptoms of inflammation. “

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a funding opportunity to support research on the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects of THC in cannabis products.


Perkins Coie LLP will host a panel Thursday with a former Massachusetts regulator and other analysts discussing the interstate marijuana trade.

Minnesota marijuana activist Jason Karimi pleaded guilty to threatening to inflict “pain in all respects” on an unnamed California congressman.


BMW Group said using sustainable materials like hemp is part of his plan to reduce its carbon footprint.

CannaTrac Technology, Inc. prepares a public listing on the Over the Counter Market in the USA, the Canadian Securities Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

General Cannabis Corp has completed the acquisition of TREES Englewood Dispensary.

Cresco Labs is sued for allegedly failing to compensate workers for putting on and taking off the required personal protective equipment.

A federal judge allowed MJ Freeway’s To make counterclaims against a sub-supplier for advance payment.

Missouri Pharmacies sold $ 21.73 million in medical cannabis in August, a new monthly record.


A Minnesota farmer planted a Hemp maze to raise awareness about cannabis.

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