August 3, 2021



Medical cannabis-focused FastForward Improvements proposes identify change

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FastForward Innovations (FFWD), the

Private equity describes investments that are made wholly or predominantly in companies that are not traded on a stock exchange. This means that private equity Portfolios can be a lot less liquid (harder to convert to cash) than an equivalent Equity Funds. Some private equity firms invest directly, while others invest in funds (usually Limited partnership or LP Funds) and some invest in a mix of both.

“class =” glossary_term “> Private Equity Sector company focused on investing in fast-growing and industry-leading companies announced yesterday afternoon that an extraordinary general meeting would be held on July 9, 2021 to consider certain resolutions, including a proposed renaming of the company to Seed Innovations Limited (Seed Innovations).

FFWD made 8 investments and completed 4 exits Cannabis / cannabinoids

FFWD Chairman Ian Burns said, “As we’ve reported over the past few months, we have ours

That invested financial assets of a fund like a Investment company, Mutual funds or OEIC.

“class =” glossary_term “> Portfolio Ensuring a mixture of liquid,

Refers to the ease of converting an asset into cash. The opposite of liquidity is illiquidity. With stocks, liquidity often drops when you want to trade a lot of stocks. tie up and Shares are generally considered to be more fluid than Private equity and property. Some systems can have one lock up. In this context, liquidity is also used to buy or sell stocks of Investment companies.

“class =” glossary_term “> liquidity and longer term investments as well as maintaining a good liquidity position for further investments, which taken together significantly reduces the risk of our portfolio while at the same time providing a much clearer view of potential returns.

Investor interest in the cannabinoid sector is escalating with several new companies about to go public or just recently

Listed when used to describe a UK company means a company that is listed on the main market on the London Stock Exchange. All listed companies can be described as quoted Companies are listed, but not all of the UK publicly traded companies.

“class =” glossary_term “> listed on a UK stock exchange and we have actively invested in these companies. We believe this is a sector that will only gain momentum for investors as the profile of companies grows and investments in the sector become more common.

Ongoing clinical research on cannabis / cannabinoids is starting to show effectiveness in alleviating certain medical conditions and, having been in the industry for several years, having made 8 investments in this area and actually seen 4 successful exits, we are ideally positioned to to benefit from this growth and consolidate our position as the leading investor in the industry. We are currently the only AIM

Listed when used to describe companies, means a company that is traded on a stock exchange.

“class =” glossary_term “> quoted Company that invests in the industry.

While we continue to focus on a balanced portfolio of disruptive technologies, the proposed name change to Seed Innovations reflects our significant focus on investments in medical cannabis, health and wellness. With the cannabis sector projected to be worth $ 16.5 billion over the next decade.

We recently appointed Alfredo Pascual as Vice President of Investment Analysis. Alfredo’s focus is on sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities in Europe’s emerging medical cannabis industry, as well as helping our portfolio companies grow in this sector. Alfredo has been working in the cannabis space since late 2016 and is a household name in the industry in global markets. We are excited about the opportunities it already offers us and look forward to the further growth of the company with Alfredo on

The board of directors is the collective term for all directors of a company. The board of directors is there to protect the interests of shareholders and to ensure that the company is doing well. Read our guide for board members and directors

“class =” glossary_term “> board.

I firmly believe that Seed Innovations will continue to have a very bright future with our existing portfolio and pipeline of progressive companies in the health, wellness and medical cannabis sectors, both to aggressively expand and to balance the liquidity of our portfolio and get new long – Positions to be won – Term institutional and retail

The investors in the equity of a company.

“class =” glossary_term “> shareholders.

Along with the proposed name change, the company proposes to update its memorandum and articles of association to bring them up to date with the Guernsey Companies Act and to ensure that it has the flexibility to make further publications

The simplest form of Shares (most companies only have common stock).

“class =” glossary_term “> common stock. “

FFWD: FastForward Innovations, which focuses on medical cannabis, proposes name change

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