Missouri couple makes Cole County historical past with first hemp crop — Greenway Journal

Antonio and Heather DeRose, Founder of Friendly life on the farm, harvested their first successful hemp crop in Cole County, Missouri. This marks the first year hemp has been produced in Cole County since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018.

The couple, who both grew up in Cole County, are proud to be part of such a new industry that offers the opportunity to benefit the health of people, animals and the planet.

While the 2021 growing season had its challenges, the DeRose’s met all of the Missouri’s Department of Agriculture’s industrial hemp program, which included a departmental inspection, and recently completed their 2021 hemp harvest. They believe their techniques using regenerative farming methods helped them produce a successful crop this year.

“It is our aim to cultivate in such a way that the soil, harvest, environment and profitability benefit. We grow in the ground in the ground, plow directly, use intermediate and accompanying plants, compost and rely on integrated pest management. Hemp can grow without the use of toxic pesticides. It can store more carbon and grows faster than trees. Its fibers can be used for almost anything and are stronger than steel. It can be used as medicine and can help heal the earth, ”says Heide. “I personally use it for medicine. I have epilepsy and have been seizure free with the help of this plant for almost 5 years. We strive to share what we have learned and see Missouri’s cannabis program thrive. “

Kind Living Farm is a regenerative farm in Missouri that specializes in producing high quality hemp on small farms. They are leaders in hemp production in Cole County Missouri and are among the few hemp farmers in the state who use regenerative farming techniques to grow. Kind Living Farm is committed to making products of the highest quality and making the world a better place on the way.