NBA Participant Iman Shumpert Arrested for Hashish Possession In Texas

Iman Shumpert has been arrested at an airport in Texas for possession of cannabis.

The NBA star was taken into custody at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on July 30, according to a police report obtained by E! News.

Shumpert was set to board a flight to Los Angeles when TSA discovered he had gone to the airport with a “sizeable amount of a green leafy substance inside a backpack,” per the report. Police said the 32-year-old admitted that the plastic bag contained marijuana, which a mobile test confirmed to be 6.12 ounces of the drug, and he was subsequently placed under arrest.

According to Texas law, a state where marijuana has not been legalized, the amount Shumpert was found with is considered a felony.

E! News has reached out to his rep and did not receive a comment.

While further searching Shumpert’s property, authorities also found a Glock magazine with rounds located inside his backpack; however, no firearm was located, the report continues. Following his arrest, the athlete was transported to DFW/DPS jail, without any incident.