New Hashish Minor Will Develop Neighborhood Choices At CUNY Faculty

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As new marijuana legalization laws continue to push us into a very smoke-friendly society in the near future, many other aspects of daily life will ride the cannabis rocktail as well.

If you’ve always wanted to test your knowledge in this field at an academic level, a historic college in NYC is offering the very first cannabis minor degree for a CUNY campus.

Official declarations from Medgar Evers College confirm that students can enroll in “Introduction to the World of Cannabis” as a prerequisite course that will be followed by other cannabis courses in this degree. Thirteen newly developed courses have been set up to offer a cannabis minor in one of four different courses, with students being able to choose up to four courses.

Here’s what Dr. Patricia Ramsey, President of Medgar Evers College, publicly stated her decision to approve the training of next cannabis leaders in testing, cultivation, business and health:

“As a botanist, I am particularly pleased to see that the institution I was selected for is pioneering the provision of educational opportunities to learn about the many beneficial uses of plants like cannabis and to provide the necessary education to help our students understand the nascent opportunities to compete in this new industry.

Education is an important step in raising awareness of the non-recreational benefits of plants like cannabis. Colored communities are often the last to benefit from emerging economic opportunities. The Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Economics worked together to develop the minor in cannabis education; This will familiarize the students with the scientific, health, technical and economic aspects of this new industry. “

The promising academic program is led by the college’s Cannabis Education Taskforce, consisting of Faculty Directors Dr. Alicia Reid and Dr. Micah Crump and the two alumni partners Vikiana Clement and Joel Strothers, who complete the four-person department. A component of adult education is also added.

Working with industry leaders including the Webber Wild Impact Fund, under the direction of the five-time NBA All-Star, who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2021 Chris Webber, Gotham Gives Community Foundation and Women Grow.

Since the commercial side is a focus of the degree for a proven lucrative industry, we consider this to be a smart early step for the university. Let us know if you agree or think otherwise.

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