New research explores CBD and CBN for sleep

The Releaf app, an application for tracking cannabis and CBD consumption, has just completed research analyzing how CBD and CBN from the CBD distillery work synergistically to improve sleep. MoreBetter uses the information gathered in the Releaf app to provide data-driven insights into seed-to-outcome trends that inform industry best practices and improve the consumer experience.

How it works

The Sleep Pathfinder mission involved 388 participants who received a free Regular Strength Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD (150 mg CBN + 450 mg CBD) tincture. During the study, participants used the Releaf app to answer questions about their product usage every day for 31 days. Some of the things consumers were asked about were their overall experience and the different elements of their sleep such as night.


Those who used the tincture regularly found it easier to sleep through the night. Participants also reported sleeping an average of 30-40 minutes longer.

Additional insights

  • 72% agree that CBDistillery’s regular sleeping tincture performs better than any other sleep aid they’ve tried before
  • 81% said they got better quality sleep using the regular sleep tincture from CBDistillery
  • 78% would likely continue to use CBDistillery’s regular sleeping tincture after the study ended
  • 82% would recommend CBDistillery’s regular sleeping tincture to others
  • 61% felt refreshed the morning after using the Regular Strength Sleep Tincture CBD distillery

Ellese Symons, Vice President of Marketing, Balanced Health Botanicals, the parent company of CBDistillery, told us the key finding is that 81% of people said the CBN tincture helped them get better quality sleep.

“The fact that 81% achieved this with our product in this study is so significant for us as a company,” says Symons.

Tyler Dautrich, COO of MoreBetter, said the contract research company is happy to recognize this opportunity with Balanced Health Botanicals to advance consumer education about cannabinoid-based products.

“Our new white label technology enables brands to gain individual insights into product usage and performance data, while consumers have transparent insights into crowdsourcing experiences. It is always a huge success when a brand like CBDistillery can use our technology to have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, retention and referral metrics because that means consumers ultimately benefit, ”said Dautrich.

There’s more to come

Symons told NutraIngredients-USA that this latest research belongs to a series of upcoming topics analyzing the wellness potential of CBD, with future topics focusing on a variety of consumer needs.

“We are very excited to see this first round of results in our ongoing partnership with MoreBetter. We believe these results show that certain cannabinoids like CBD and CBN work better together in combination than separately to enhance our knowledge. ”Next, we’ll look at how CBG and CBD can affect people with mild or temporary anxiety, and we are excited to see what these results will show. “

Summit for sport and active nutrition

Tyler Dautrich of Releaf App is among several industry thought leaders who will speak at the Sports & Active Nutrition Summit, which will focus on CBD, esports, personalized nutrition and more. The summit returns in 2022 as a face-to-face event taking place February 14-16 in San Diego, with a premier session focused on CBD in Sports.