New World: The right way to Get Hemp and Fibers

Fibers from hemp plants are one of the most important harvested items in the MMORPG New World, as players need them to make fabrics.

In Amazon’s new MMORPG New world, players have to harvest a huge amount of fiber. Fiber is required for many of the recipes that players want to make in-game, so harvest it whenever they can.

Fiber in the new world

Fiber comes from the ubiquitous hemp plant in the New World. For the most part, players will find it often when fighting and collecting other materials in the New World PvP battles. The plant is tall and has purple leaves or flowers on the tip of its long stems. Hemp plants can be found in most parts of the Aeternum map, but mostly in the grass fields and wooded areas.

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To get hemp and fiber, players just need to find one of these plants, go to it, and press the E button to harvest it. Hemp usually grows in clumps so players can harvest them in large groups at one time. This will help New World players improve their harvesting skills while collecting this much needed plant. Once players reach a harvest level of 100, they can see the locations of hemp on the map by pressing the M button.

How to Get Fiber and Hemp in the New World Amazon MMORPG

Best locations for hemp

The best places to look for hemp in New World are in the grasslands in the southern part of the center of the map, south of Windsward Fort and north of Everfall. While players can find hemp all over Aeternum, this is where the hemp grows in the largest patches and close together. Players should be able to harvest a large amount of hemp fiber. Just be sure to keep an eye out for someone who might want to start a fight during the harvest. While harvesting is necessary to pretty much anything in the game, combat is still a main focus of New World.

How to Get Fiber and Hemp in the New World Amazon MMORPG

What to do with hemp fiber in the New World

While there are microtransactions for cosmetics in New World, most of the items useful in the game have to be handcrafted. Players have to make armor for themselves and furnish their homes. Most of these items require fibers as fibers are used in the New World to make all kinds of fabrics. Players will want to collect as much as possible as they collect other materials in the world.

New world is currently in a closed beta and will be released for PC on August 31st.

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Source: NewWorldFans, YouTube

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