New York hashish regulators plan group outreach

The primary state agency responsible for regulating its burgeoning cannabis industry will hold 11 community outreach events beginning Jan. 27, officials said Friday.

The meetings will be held by the Office of Cannabis Management with a focus on specific regions of the state, beginning with western New York, to discuss the impact of new law allowing commercial cannabis sales in the state.

“We are very excited to host these cannabis talks. While we intend to educate New Yorkers about the MRTA, we also expect to hear and respond to their questions and concerns,” said Tremaine Wright, CEO. “That’s just the beginning. As we continue to build an equitable New York cannabis industry, we will remain in touch with communities to ensure everyone has the information they need to stay safe and healthy and to share the opportunity for long-term success and access to this industry to use.”

The events, which will be held virtually, will take place from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The meetings also come after some New York City governments decided not to allow cannabis businesses — either retail outlets or on-site consumption facilities — in their communities. Registration for the events can be found here.

However, local governments have the option of allowing a cannabis business in their communities once the law goes into effect.

The meetings will aim in part to explain the specifics of the new law and the potential impact on public safety and mental health.

“We work hard every day to build the new cannabis industry, and at the heart of that effort is making sure New Yorkers understand the legalization law and how it affects them,” said Chris Alexander, executive director of OCM. “These Cannabis Talks are just the beginning of our community engagement, and we look forward to continuing to engage with New Yorkers as we build a just, inclusive industry that protects public health and safety.”