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New York State Cannabis Update

27 January 2022

Duane Morris LLP

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More than 520 cities, towns and villages (1/3 of all
municipalities in New York state) have opted out of allowing
cannabis retailers and consumption lounges in their municipalities
as of the December 31 deadline, according to new data released by
the OCM. Of that number, 75 municipalities opted out of consumption
lounges, but will still allow cannabis retailers. On the other
hand, three towns are banning retailers, but will allow consumption

Best guess is that some of the municipalities opted as they
could always opt back in once the regulations are issued and they
see how the market has developed. However, the converse is not true
– if the municipality didn’t opt out by the deadline,
the will not be able to subsequently prohibit dispensaries and
consumption lounges within their borders. (Note: The opt-out
provisions only apply to consumer-facing cannabis businesses like
dispensaries and consumption lounges — not processing centers
and cultivation sites.)

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