Not ‘cabbages’ – a glance inside metropolis hashish farm

This is the massive 250 plus plant cannabis grow in a house in Worcester, the illegal immigrant ‘farmer’ later telling police he thought he was watering ‘cabbages’.

The photographs, supplied by West Mercia Police, show the full extent of grow which had 253 plants at a house in Arboretum Road in Worcester.

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Tri Van Le was jailed for 50 weeks at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday after he admitted cultivating cannabis.

JAIL: Tre Van Lee. Photo: West Mercia Police

The 19-year-old accepted he had been guilty of the offense during what was his trial following the offense on September 30 last year.

The grow also put neighboring properties at risk of fire said a spokesman for police after talks were held between officers and Western Power.

Van Le, of no fixed abode, had been in custody since his arrest on October 1 last year which means he has already served a substantial part of that prison sentence.

In total 253 plants were found in every room of the four storey house and associated paraphernalia to allow heating, lighting and ventilation.

HUGE: The massive cannabis grow at Arboretum Road in Worcester. Photo: West Mercia Police

John Brotherton, who prosecuted the case, said the defendant was here illegally. He added: “He said he came over in a dinghy from France. He said: ‘I only stayed there. He told me to water some plants like cabbages or something’.”

Worcester News:

LARGE: The grow contained more than 250 plants. Photo: West Mercia Police

The defendant had been homeless when he was offered the job and was deemed to be involved at a lesser role than others further up the chain.

The jury, who had already been placed in charge of the case, were directed to return guilty verdicts after Van Le indicated he wished to change his plea to guilty.

Details of the sentence were relayed to Van Le via a Vietnamese interpreter.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “On the September 30, 2021, police located a cannabis grow containing over 200 cannabis plants and locating one individual at the property. Police intervention with the help of Western Power removed a clear risk to the neighboring properties and removal of these drugs from the area.”