Oh Hello expands distribution of CBD seltzers to 10 states – The Durango Herald

Oh Hi Beverage’s CBD seltzer has been sold in nine states since September. (Courtesy Oh Hi Beverages)

Cannabidiol drinks now available from Alaska to Florida

Thanks to a partnership with Republic National Distributing Co., Durango’s Oh Hi Beverages has just made a giant leap in its journey from being a local to a national brand.

As of September, Oh Hi’s CBD Selters began distribution in nine states: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas. RNDC is the second largest alcoholic beverage distributor in the United States.

Oh Hi’s CBD seltzer are also available in Oklahoma through OKCannaBev (which also produces and sells the THC line) and in Michigan through Oath Distributing.

“They (RNDC) wanted to get into the CBD game so they brought out four CBD products and we’re one of them,” said John Lynch, Oh Hi Operations Manager. “In the past we had problems finding distributors willing to sell CBD products. This is a great opportunity for us to be broadcast through a traditional mainstream channel. “

He said the selters are sold in states with clear rules and regulations for the distribution of CBD products.

“As other states’ rules on CBD products become clearer, we look forward to getting on board everywhere at some point,” said Oh Hi co-founder Jonny Radding.

The CBD Selters come in four flavors – pomegranate, lemon lime, ginger basil limeade, and grapefruit – each with 20 mg of CBD per 12-ounce can and are available in packs of four.

“We’re seeing some of the big distributors around the country have only recently started buying these CBD drinks,” said Radding. “We were really fortunate to have this opportunity to get in touch with RNDC. We originally sold our CBD brand primarily here in Colorado. “

He said Oh Hi is currently in talks with partners in other states to develop the company’s THC beverages through licensing agreements and expand the line’s sales footprint. Radding said he hopes that as the CBD brand grows, synergistically more brand awareness will be created for the THC line.

“We hope this is just the beginning of Oh Hi Beverages and we hope for growth in both markets,” he said. “Obviously, however, CBD is currently a little easier to expand nationally.”

Oh Hi was launched in Durango in 2018 and first launched with its THC seltzer line before it launched with a line of CBD seltzer as well as a high-dose THC drink.

“We’ve seen really organic growth, and we’re fortunate that Durango really accepted us,” said Lynch. “We have learned a lot from working in this market, which has helped us to take the next step that we are currently taking.”

“We are undoubtedly a Durango brand,” said Radding.