Pet Releaf CBD dietary supplements added to European e-commerce platform

DENVER – Pet Releaf announced on November 16th that it has partnered with Alphagreen to expand online sales of its CBD pet products to Europe.

Alphagreen’s health and wellness e-commerce platform, offering more than 250 brands and nearly 2,000 products to European consumers, will now include all Pet Releaf products.

“Since we started, our only mission has been to really change what healthy means for pets,” said Chelsea Gennings, executive vice president and co-founder of Pet Releaf. “Through this partnership we will be able to accomplish this mission to more animals worldwide. Alphagreen is a strategic and innovative partner carefully selected to help us navigate the European market as we continue to expand our market share and deliver the highest quality products in the pet CBD space. “

Pet Releaf’s CBD pet products are formulated with hemp oil, which is derived from US-grown hemp from herbicide- and pesticide-free family farms.

“Pets are the heart of the home and an extension of the family, which is why the health and wellbeing of animals are so important to ensure the best care,” said Alexej Pikovsky, Alphagreen Chief Executive Officer, pleased to announce our e-commerce To be able to offer shoppers in Europe exclusive access to this award-winning CBD brand – Pet Releaf – which offers the next generation of animal health and is therefore the clear market leader as a brand in North which I am convinced that it will be a great success on the European market. “

According to Grandview Research, the CBD pet product market was valued at 125 million products in 2020 in both the North American and European markets.

“Pet Releaf is committed to developing hemp-based formulations that are safe for their intended use and ensuring that research is conducted ethically and responsibly,” added Christopher Brooks, DVM, Vice President, Pet Releaf Professional Sales. “As the industry leader in the pet CBD space, we believe it is imperative that all CBD product development be scientifically supported. We strive to develop products that meet and exceed all animal health and safety standards, which is why we are National Animal Supplement accredited Council (NASC) maker of CBD products. Pet Releaf also prides itself on being an advocate of truth, transparency, and education. Pet parents who see unproven claims that products can treat, cure, or prevent a disease should consider it red view flag. “

Pikovsky added, “Our exclusive partnership with Pet Releaf is the first of many well-known overseas brands that we will bring to Europe. This means that another overarching goal for the Alphagreen e-tailer platform has been achieved, with many other logistics solutions and new brands that will appear in our shopping channels worldwide. “

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