The love of bacon goes beyond species, so it was only natural for Pet Releaf – a leading CBD health brand for pets – to announce a delicious addition to its Edibites line – Peppered Bacon Edibites.

In addition to a hearty taste, the Peppered Bacon Edibites have numerous health benefits. They are made from natural ingredients that can support your puppy’s daily wellbeing and optimal body function, as well as promoting calming effects. The aromatic black pepper ingredient is rich in a herbal compound called piperine, which can aid a healthy inflammatory response in your pet’s body. With these soft chewy candies, your dog gets full-spectrum, naturally occurring CBD, sourced from US farms using sustainable and regenerative methods. Like all Pet Releaf products, they have been extensively tested and certified (read more here). Give them a chance; Your dog will thank you. Remember to use the code DB30 for 30% discount and free shipping!

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