Pharma C Investments values CBD commerce present, Product Earth, at £3.68m

Pharma C Investments, an early stage medical cannabis investor and venture builder, is investing £ 275,000 in Product Earth, valuing it at £ 3.68 million.

Product Earth is the UK’s leading trade fair and exhibition for hemp and CBD (consumer cannabidiol). The event showcases cannabis-related companies from agriculture, industry and medicine to manufacturing, wholesale and retail.

The UK CBD market is expected to have annual sales of 690 million this year as the medical cannabis industry grows and shows that our proprietary pipeline offers unique investment opportunities. “

“Product Earth has a special place in the UK cannabis industry as the first medical cannabis, CBD and
Hemp fair. Product Earth has also developed digital marketing capabilities to provide customers with
broader branding; The highly qualified management team has decades of experience from companies such as
Facebook and Yahoo. We look forward to working with the Product Earth team to bring the
Business because it is built on its foundations and geared towards global expansion, ”she continued.

Tom Toumazis, MBE, Chairman of Product Earth, said, “At Product Earth, we are committed to delivering a world-class event to our customers and their customers, and to expanding our digital marketing services to include a range of products for a growing audience. Product Earth also plans to take its event to other countries around the world
World and enables customers, companies, patients and experts to network on a global level. “