Phinest Hashish set to maneuver into new super-facility

A Sacramento bud grower known for pioneering cannabis genetics has now outgrown its old home and will be migrating its plant babies to a new state-of-the-art residence 30x more canna-capable than its former greenhouse.

On Tuesday, Green Capital Investments, LLC proudly announced the grand opening of a 40,000 ft² cannabis tissue culture and indoor nursery facility. Green Capital completed the construction of the new complex for Green Stripes Services, LLC, also known as Phinest Cannabis, a brand affiliate of the architecture outfit.

The new building will have a 30x greater production capacity than Phinest’s former growery, boasting an estimated yield of 15 million plants annually for the producer.

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Green Capital claims that Phinest Cannabis was established by cultivators who appreciated the importance of integrating science into their workmanship. It also describes Phinest as an innovator in cannabis genetics and cannabis tissue culture micropropagation technology who has been capable of supplying millions of pathogen-free plants to California dispensaries and cultivators since 2018.

The brand new structure will also have room for research and development, tissue culture micropropagation production and rooting and hardening of plantlets.

“The New Facility represents the future of tissue culture nursery operations. It is purpose-built, creating an environment that supports high phytosanitary standards to deliver the healthiest and most vigorous plants to licensed California cultivators and retailers,” said Fred Barnum, managing member of Green Capital.

Photo via Phinest Cannabis

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