Planning to Purchase Hashish in Canada? Here is What to Hold in Thoughts

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With recreational cannabis now legal in Canada, those who want to buy from a licensed retailer will have to make many decisions. What type of cannabis should you buy, where can you buy it, how will you pay for it, and what should you do if you are a minor? For those thinking of buying cannabis in Canada or anyone who has questions about the rules and regulations that govern the sale of recreational cannabis, here are some tips to keep in mind when buying cannabis in Canada.

Cannabis in Canada

Buy cannabis locally for best results

Legalizing cannabis is a big deal and is creating a whole new industry. It creates jobs and stimulates the economy. As the industry grows, small businesses pop up everywhere. The government has also put in place a regulatory framework for this industry to follow. In addition, when purchasing locally, you are almost always guaranteed delivery at least the next day and in some cases even the same day. In the case of, you can see that they can offer same day delivery within the Calgary area if ordered before a certain time. This goes for any pharmacy in any part of the country (especially in larger cities) and it can be beneficial if you want to partake in an impulse potion. There are several other reasons why it’s always best to buy cannabis locally:

  • You know that your money is going back to your community and not supporting an international company.
  • The delivery fee and the delivery time should be cheaper and faster at the same time.
  • You don’t have to worry about quality assurance because you can see for yourself how your product was grown and packaged, and you can ask questions about what happens to it at every step.
  • You can support the local economy by buying products directly from the small business owner rather than buying goods from large companies.

Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis in Canada

Understand the age limits for cannabis

There is still an age limit for buying marijuana in all provinces and territories in Canada. This is the same as with alcohol and tobacco. In much of Canada, one must be 19 years old to buy, carry, or use cannabis. In Alberta and Québec, the legal age is 18, while the newly elected government of Québec has promised to raise it to 21. Therefore, you should make sure that you are of legal age before buying.

Know the law

To follow the last point, you should still understand that there are laws surrounding the purchase and use of weed; it’s not entirely unregulated. There are differences across the country in terms of age restrictions and retail methods. The minimum age for buying and using cannabis varies by province, although most follow the same guidelines as for alcohol. For example, if you are shopping in Calgary but have to fly back to BC, know that you are allowed up to 30 grams. That’s quite a lot, admittedly, but it’s still the law. Additionally, if you are in possession of weed, you may not be able to fly internationally as most countries still classify it as a controlled substance.

Check costs

While the cost has been set so that pharmacies can compete with black market sellers, some will inevitably sell at a higher price. At first glance, this looks like something to avoid; However, you shouldn’t be too hasty in making an assumption. For example, some places will grow small amounts of very high quality cannabis that will fetch a higher price. It really depends on what you are looking for. For the most part, you should try shopping at a store that has multiple options for expensive options for more discerning customers and cheaper alternatives for those who smoke for leisure.

You need to know what you are looking for

The final point is to understand what you are looking for. There is no point in being able to legally buy marijuana if you don’t know what strains or devices to buy. Most pharmacies are happy to answer any questions you have when you contact them and they can generally advise you which strains are best for the type of feel you are looking for.

In Canada, you should be aware that while owning and using weed are legal, there are some regulations. Aside from these points, you should also choose a location near you so you can support the local economy and get your weed faster.