Premier CBD Hub Launches New Website and Premier CBD Hub Branded Merchandise in time for the Holidays

MIAMI, November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Premier CBD Hub, seller of a variety of hemp-derived THC-free cannabidiol (CBD) isolate products such as oils, drops / tinctures, creams, moisturizers, chewy candies and capsules, is pleased to announce it is New, revised 2.0 website and introduction of branded products.

Premier CBD Hub made a name for itself earlier this year by launching a OneStop Shop “Hub” for anything hemp CBD related, Founder / COO John Hurley commented, “We have found that many people are tired of searching multiple ecommerce sites for reliable CBD products that meet the diverse needs of top manufacturers. Consumers wanted a trustworthy place where products from different vendors were offered at the best prices. “

Premier CBD Hub did just that. They are doing fine with the launch of their new 2.0 sitepositioned to hit the market in time for the Christmas season. “Nobody ever thinks about giving away CBD products as Christmas gifts. Most people would appreciate this thoughtful gesture. People are turning more and more to CBD. We want to provide our customers with the best user experience in an industry that is still not the best polished or professional. “- John Hurley, COO

Additionally, Premier CBD Hub is shaking with the launch of. the status quo it is Private label line of products for pets, pain, sleep and relaxation. CEO Alex Malagon was quoted as saying, “Based on our metrics and research, we knew exactly what was missing in the market and our first product launch is an indication of that. We have hired our best manufacturer-suppliers to bring products to consumers that we know.” they want them and they will enjoy them. “

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About Premier CBD Hub, LLC
Premier CBD Hub is a reseller of non-THC CBD hemp (cannabinoid) products from various reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the CBD market. They offer a “one-stop-shop” approach where consumers can find the best products from top manufacturers at competitive prices in one place.

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