Profession felony Sam Walker caught with hashish in Maserati

A NOTORIOUS career criminal has been jailed after being caught with 3kg of cannabis when police pulled over his Maserati.

The illicit substances were discovered when Sam Walker’s Maserati Levante was stopped by officers on the M56, near to junction 11 at Daresbury, in August last year.

He was handed 15 months behind bars at Chester Crown Court last week after admitting possession of cannabis with intent to supply, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

But the 38-year-old, of the Strand in Liverpool, was acquitted on a further charge of possessing counterfeit currency.

Walker had also allegedly been in possession of £3,800 of fake bank notes upon his arrest, but claimed they had been used for playing poker.

His defense counsel argued that the cash was ‘of such poor quality it could never be mistaken for real money’.

It is anticipated that he will be released in the near future, having spent time on remand since he was detained last summer.

Since 2018, Walker has been filming videos of himself in prison and regularly posts clips to YouTube.

Footage posted online the day before his sentencing showed the drug dealer being filmed as he was led into and out of a custody van to and from court.

The prison system has tried to break me over the years but I can’t be broken !!!

— Sam Walker (@samwalkerukk) March 27, 2022

During the video, he states to the camera: “I told you the prosecution were pulling that case out their a***, and the police were.

“I knew it wasn’t guilty.

“In a bit.”

Walker – whose record also includes firearms offenses and is now serving time in HMP Forest Bank in Salford – claims to have made up to £1,700 per month from his channel, but YouTube has refused to take it down despite requests from the Ministry of Justice.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “We will continue to press YouTube to remove this content.

“Anyone found in possession of a phone will face extra time behind bars.”

YouTube says that it has now ‘de-monetised’ the account, with a spokesman adding: “YouTube creators have a responsibility both on and off the platform.

“If we see that a creator’s on or off platform behavior harms our community, we may take action such as suspending the channel from the YouTube partner program – which would disable their ability to earn money.”