Professional skateboarder launches CBD water with Vertical Wellness

Just Live, an athlete-owned performance CBD brand, has partnered with health and wellness brand company Vertical Wellness to bring Just Live CBD Sparkling Water to market.

Professional skateboarder and multiple X Games gold medalist Paul Rodriguez founded Just Live with professional soccer player and World Cup winner Alex Morgan, NBA championship winner Klay Thompson and motocross competitor Travis Pastrana to create a form of safe and natural recreation that both supports physical health and mental wellbeing.

“There is no brand out there with this kind of athletic support. I couldn’t be more excited to be introducing Just Live CBD Sparkling Waters with our national distributors to our major retailers and hospitality partners in select markets, ”said Smoke Wallin, CEO of Vertical Wellness.

Why athletes love CBD

The CBD sports nutrition sector received a boost when the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed hemp-derived cannabidiol from its list of banned performance-enhancing substances in 2018.

Since then, athletes around the world have been praising CBD for its quick recovery component in muscle inflammation, rupture, and injury.

Wallin told NutraIngredients-USA that CBD is becoming a part of athletes’ daily routine to relieve pain and aid recovery. He added that the athletes behind Just Live introduced the benefits of CBD to a whole new audience.

“The benefits of CBD for athletes are pretty big, ranging from pain relief to anxiety, anti-inflammatory drugs to sleep-wake cycles. Pro skateboarder Manny Santiago, for example, uses CBD to maintain entire body wellbeing – especially Just Live’s vegan CBD gums – and when dealing with the inevitable injuries associated with such a sport, Manny says, that he turned to Just Live’s Pain Relief Roll-On Cream. Another example is 34-year-old professional mountain biker Cam Zink, who has undergone 13 operations, including four cruciate ligament reconstructions and six other knee operations. For Cam, he finds that CBD reduces both chronic and acute inflammation, and he also uses our Just Live CBD Sleep Gummies in place of traditional sleeping pills that would normally make him feel cloudy or dizzy the next day, ”explained Wallin.

While there is no single guideline for CBD in major sports leagues, restrictions seem to be easing as athletes tout anecdotal benefits.


Although CBD is not banned in the NFL, the league said in June that it would like to see more studies on how cannabis affects fitness, pointing to a lack of research in the US.

“There is a history of medical studies from other nations showing the positive effects of CBD on fitness. As more studies come out of the US, we have every confidence that the science will support the overwhelming anecdotal evidence already shared by people from all walks of life who are experiencing the wellness benefits of CBD in person, “said Wallin. “We are also pleased to have Dr. Alex Capano as Just Live’s Chief Science Advisor. Dr. Capano is the first graduate student in cannabis science and has published a study on the effects of CBD on opioid reduction and chronic pain. She is actively researching the wide-ranging medical benefits, with a particular focus on the benefits in overcoming opioid addiction, which is a very important issue for us. “


Since the Federal Farm Act of 2018 sparked a green rush, CBD has become an emerging industry, with the US market expected to reach $ 20 billion in sales by 2024, according to research by BDS Analytics.

Growing awareness of CBD has led a number of retailers to fill their shelves with CBD-based products such as Rite Aid, CVS Health, and Walgreens.

In 2019, nutritional supplement retailer GNC added CBD to its range. After that announcement, shares in GNC, which was still a public company at the time, rose about 13%. The Vitamin Shoppe also debuted with CBD in 2019 and launched its new CBD HQ concept in store and online in 2021.