Reside Naturally focuses on CBD and hemp merchandise

Holmes Beach residents Ben and Morgan Bryant opened Live Naturally in 2019 and recently celebrated their store’s two-year anniversary. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

HOLMES BEACH – Morgan and Ben Bryant offer a wide variety of CBD products and more, and they recently celebrated the two year anniversary of their Live Naturally store in Holmes Beach.

Holmes Beach residents opened Live Naturally in 2019 and their product offering continues to expand as they enter their third year of operation. Live Naturally, based at 5337 Gulf Drive, Suite 200, is the Anna Maria Island company that specializes in CBD and other hemp-derived products.

The Live Naturally is located at Holmes Beach, 5337 Gulf Drive, Suite 200, just around the corner from Freckled Fin. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

CBD is a cannabinoid made from hemp plants, but it contains no or minimal amounts of THC – the psychoactive ingredient that makes cannabis users high or euphoric. CBD products are regulated and legal.

Speaking of the benefits of CBD, Morgan said, “It has relaxing properties and many other beneficial properties for the body. We are born with endocannabinoid receptors, so the body is naturally very receptive to CBD. We have a lot of people who use CBD to sleep, and it can also help the body internally in a number of ways. “

“We have our topical CBD cream called ‘Keep Movin’ Cream, ‘which is our top selling. We are shipping it to a customer who has fibromyalgia. She said that nothing has helped her as much as our cream, ”she added. “We had a lady with shingles and our cream brought her a lot of relief. I use it on my back with two herniated discs and it provides incredible relief. It costs $ 39.99 and some testimonials from our customers can be viewed on our Facebook page.

“You can also take CBD internally. I sometimes sing in front of large crowds and take a little time to feel more relaxed. It’s nice to know that there is an alternative to the other things. We have a lot of people using CBD to sleep and when you take it internally it helps different parts of the body, “she added.

Ben explained the development of Live Naturally’s proprietary Keep Movin ‘Cream, Morgan said.

Live Naturally specializes in CBD and hemp productsKeep Movin ‘Cream is a top seller at Live Naturally. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

“We combined many different plants and herbs into one cream. Many products use and isolate CBD, which is dead and like a dry, white powder, ”said Ben. “You don’t get that much benefit from the plant if the product you’re starting with is dead. We use a live form of CBD in the form of a distillate. Cream is much harder to make and more expensive. We also use essential oils that have helpful properties, such as lavender and peppermint oils. We use an arnica flower extract that helps reduce inflammation and soothe sore muscles. We also added an ancient Native American root herb that the Native American people used to heal broken bones, tendons, ligaments, and joints. We combined all of these things into a nice cream that isn’t too oily or greasy and doesn’t contain any detectable THC. “

Live Naturally specializes in CBD and hemp productsLive Naturally offers a wide variety of CBD gums. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

“We used to have a cannabis farm in Sonoma County, California. That’s where I got my knowledge of how to create this cream. We own the formula and we pay a company to make it. We developed our cream with a team of scientists we hired from Virginia Tech. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that our product works so well, ”said Ben.

“We offer many products that are THC-free or have undetectable THC for people who don’t want the cannabis product,” he added. “We have people in this community who are in public office and are not allowed to have THC. We carry Wyld gummies which we believe are the best brand in the country for non-THC gummies. Some of our tinctures do not contain THC. “

“We work hard to make sure these CBD products are safe for you. There are several types of CBD and the full-spectrum products that have a little bit of THC in them. We make sure those who aren’t supposed to have THC don’t either, ”noted Morgan.

“Marijuana dispensaries are banned on the island. Live Naturally is a hemp business. If you’re on vacation in Florida with a medical marijuana card from another state, you can’t go to a pharmacy here. But someone on vacation can pick up a hemp-derived product containing the Delta 8 THC from Live Naturally. Delta 8 is THC obtained from hemp and is very different from the well-known carbon compound Delta 9 from marijuana, which occurs in the plant. This gives the user a much lighter and less psychoactive experience than regular THC. Many people prefer this, especially with the edibles. They’re glad they found something they can use that is much less “experience” than Delta 9 THC and is all made from hemp, “said Ben.
Live Naturally also sells products that contain Delta 9 THC.

Live Naturally specializes in CBD and hemp productsLive Naturally has a wide variety of CBD tinctures and other hemp-derived products. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

“We have Willie Nelson’s ‘Willie’s Remedy’ full spectrum coffee and tea. Full spectrum means it will contain up to 0.3% Delta 9 THC per milligram per gram. This is the most allowed under the Farm Bill Act of 2018. We also have JuJu Royal tinctures and gums made by Bob Marley’s son Julian, ”said Ben.

Live Naturally specializes in CBD and hemp productsLive Naturally sells CBD cookies and other edible products. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

“We carry a wide variety of edibles and other products from across the country. We source many of these from Oregon and Colorado, and many of these products are made to order, like our handcrafted Oregon caramels. We have a version that also contains the cannabis compound called CBN, which also helps with sleep. We have cookies that are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan. We have vegan gummy bears, organic gummies and gummy bears with a strength of 10 milligrams per piece to 50 milligrams per piece. We also have syrups to add to your favorite beverage and we have Delta 8 sublingual tinctures, ”said Ben.

Live Naturally specializes in CBD and hemp productsLive Naturally sells smokable CBD flowers and dabs. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

“We carry the Hemp Cannabis Cup winner 2021 for Delta 8 Flower from Alliance Flower. We also have the concentrate form in dabs. We have Delta 8 Moon Rocks and we have five or six different brands of pre-rolls. My favorite leading role is the Woodstock brand. They’re the only company I’ve seen in the whole country that’s FDA registered and GMP certified, which means it’s made to the highest standards, like our Keep Movin ‘Cream, ”said Ben.

Live Naturally sells essential oil bracelets made by the daughter of Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer, Christina Tokajer Walker.

“You add essential oils that soak in the lava stones and you can wear your favorite oil all day,” said Ben.

“Our pet products are also very popular. We have tinctures, treats, and shampoo. CBD helps them a lot too, ”said Morgan.

“I put a lot of time, effort and money into getting high quality products from all over the country. When people walk into this store, they are overwhelmed with the choices and options we have, ”said Ben.

“We also take the time to train our customers,” added Morgan.

Oxygen bar and Bemer Mat

Live Naturally also offers an oxygen bar and Bemer Mat treatments.

Live Naturally specializes in CBD and hemp productsLive Naturally also has an oxygen bar. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

“Various essential oils are oxygenated to enhance the user’s experience – whether you want a calming or an uplifting experience. Our users report that it helps with jet lag, headaches, fatigue and sleep. Users typically walk between 10 and 15 minutes. It usually costs a dollar a minute, but right now we’re doing a 50% special, ”said Ben.

“The Bemer mat converts electricity into frequencies that mimic the earth’s magnetic attraction, thereby increasing blood flow. I’ve been using this machine for a year and can’t believe how much healing my body has received. We usually charge $ 20 per session and we also have monthly memberships. It takes about eight minutes a day. Some people use it daily, others weekly, ”said Ben.

The Bryants are also currently opening their Cool Beans Coffee Shop in Bayview Plaza, across from Anna Maria City Pier.

You can visit Live Naturally online and also at Live Naturally can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. The store’s phone number is 941-567-5299.