Rip-off alert: Do not buy “David Suzuki” CBD gummies

David Suzuki is one of the most famous environmental activists in the world. While his references are long and impressive, they don’t include “CBD Gummy Mogul”.

There are many fake CBD websites that advertise David Suzuki’s name. Not only are you not affiliated with Suzuki or its foundation in any way, but you are scamming people.

The David Suzuki Foundation says scams like this have been floating around all summer since mid-June.

A Google search for “David Suzuki CBD” brings up dozens of blogs, press releases, websites, and Facebook pages that encourage users to buy CBD products on a separate website. However, according to the foundation, these are fake news stories circulating to perpetuate the scam.

There is even a fraudulent website masquerading as NBC Universal with an article detailing a story of a non-existent legal battle between Kevin O’Leary (of Dragons’ The Fame) and David Suzuki.

Severn Cullis-Suzuki, the foundation’s new executive director, said in a press release that they have compassion for anyone who has been tricked. “We have alerted several relevant authorities and hope that the fake messages and social media accounts will be removed quickly. Sorry for the pun, but we have to nip this in the bud, ”she said.

CBC reports that despite warnings, people are falling victim to the fraud. There are at least 56 confirmed victims losing hundreds of dollars.

If you would like to support the David Suzuki Foundation, you can do so online through their official website. They don’t sell CBD products and keep an eye out for anyone who says otherwise.