Safety plan for Umzinto CBD as crime escalates – South Coast Herald

Following the looting in July, the Umzinto Business Sector Committee (UBSC) has determined that crime has escalated in the Umzinto CBD, particularly theft from shops, delivery vehicles and customers.

Adam Ally, a member of the UBSC board of directors at Fantastic Trading, has run a pilot project by employing an Induna who is responsible for the employment and management of the guards in the area.

UBSC’s plan stipulates that induna will set up a guard for every eight shops or buildings.

The cost of the guard is R800 per week, divided between the eight stores, which, depending on the size of the stores, averages R100 per week per store.

This could be negotiated between the cluster stores and the designated induna.

UBSC plans to do this as soon as possible to make Umzinto a safe place to live and shop.

Ahmed Kadwa, CEO of Bhai Plaza, has also committed to using an Induna for the shopping center and will implement the rollout from December 1st.

For more information, contact the UBSC Secretary, Himal Gangaram, on 073 2567855.


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