Selwyn Township to evaluation its hashish zoning bylaw – Peterborough

Selwyn Township is seeking feedback from the public on changes to a zoning ordinance that sets out the rules for growing, growing and processing cannabis within its borders.

The move comes after a proposed 14.5 acre growing area near Ennismore that is pending approval from Health Canada and that would be in close proximity to a residential area.

Gord Duncan’s home is based on the planned extension that will take place on the 290 Cork Line.

“It’s too close. It’s 50 yards away, ”said Duncan. “The smell is the big problem because it can travel a kilometer or two and the only thing that can stop that is the distance.”

Ennismore landowner vies for cannabis cultivation license

Ennismore Landowner Vies for Cannabis Grow License – Jan 21, 2021

Fifty meters from its property line is permitted under the current parameters of the statutes.

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There are around 30 apartments within half a kilometer of the planned location.

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Duncan says he and his neighbors are not against cannabis as it is legal, but don’t believe that larger cultivation should be allowed this close to their homes.

An email from Peterborough Kawartha MP Maryam Monsef’s office to Global News Peterborough stated, “Our office is aware of the pending license application in Ennismore and we have certainly shared local concerns with the Department of Health.

“Cannabis licensing applications are ultimately a regulatory process and I would like to point out that these applications have very strict standards, are tightly regulated and very thoroughly screened. If an application does not meet Health Canada’s strict standards, it will not be approved. “

Selwyn Township’s deputy mayor, Sherry Senis, told Global News Peterborough that when the cannabis zoning statute was originally approved, the township was not expecting applications to grow operations on smaller plots, but rather on larger acreages.

“That obviously didn’t happen on Cork Line. Now we’re going back to make sure it doesn’t happen anywhere else in the township that is closer to residential areas, ”Senis said.

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Some of the changes the council is considering include changing the setback of residential lot lines from 50 meters to 300 meters, as well as several other changes, although the decision will not affect its application to Cork Line.

“The Planning Act does not allow the municipality to apply the rules retrospectively,” added Senis. “With that it is clear. So unfortunately we have to stick with the old ones at Cork Line. “

The Selwyn parish council meets Tuesday evening to assess public feedback on the amendment to the statutes.

Staff then take public comments, emails, and letters and send them back for approval on September 7th with the final draft of the amended bylaws.

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