Sky Wellness relaunches CBD merchandise, joins APPA

PHOENIX – Sky Wellness, a company that supplies people and animals with CBD, announced the relaunch of its CBD wellness collection for dogs under its D Oh Gee ™ brand. The collection includes three broad-spectrum THC-free CBD products designed to support joint health and mobility.

D Oh Gee ™ branded CBD products include Dog Oil Drops Bacon Flavor, Daily Turkey Chewies, and Daily Duck Bites. The Dog Oil Drops Bacon Flavor is available in two sizes, 300 mg and 600 mg, and can be added to dog food or water. The Daily Turkey Chewies are formulated with 10 mg of CBD per supplement and the Daily Duck Bites are formulated with 5 mg of CBD per supplement.

Each product contains natural ingredients and flavors and no additives or preservatives. Each product also offers easy-to-use dosage guidelines based on a dog’s weight stated on the packaging.

“When Sky Wellness launched in 2019, we launched a line of canine and cat tinctures based on customer demand for their pets,” said Brook Bacon, vice president of marketing and general manager of Animal Products , Sky Wellness. “We learned from this experience what pet parents expect from CBD products. We decided to discontinue the Sky Wellness pet brand in order to relaunch the pet category with new products under our house brand D Oh Gee ™. The line of CBD supplements and oil drops is now available online and through most of our major retail channels, and the speed of sales we are seeing for the brand with our C-store channel partners has been substantial. “

Along with the relaunch of CBD wellness for dogs, Sky Wellness showed growing interest in the pet care market by joining the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Founded in 1958, APPA consists of manufacturers, agents, importers and animal suppliers in the pet industry.

“Providing high quality, innovative, laboratory-tested CBD products for pets has been our number one priority since we started developing our products,” said Bacon. “We are pleased about the absorption capacity of the market for D Oh Gee ™ CBD products and the further development of our possibilities through our membership in APPA. D Oh Gee ™ offers pet owners the opportunity for their pets to try and experience the positive effects of CBD, and we are motivated to see what effects these products are already having on pet lives. “

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