August 3, 2021



SoRSE Expertise and Yakima Chief Hops Launch Water-Soluble CBD Distillate

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Seattle, Washington – SoRSE Technology, the leading supplier of water-soluble emulsions for infused CPG brands, in partnership with Yakima Chief Hops, the leading 100% farmer-owned hops supplier, announced its latest offering for brewers, Water-Soluble CBD Distillate.

With over six generations of commercial farming experience, Yakima Chief hemp growers cultivate their hemp using the same proven quality practices and persistence as their hops, due in part to the similarities between hops and hemp plants. For more than 20 years, the hemp has been processed in the YCH extract plant according to the same internationally recognized quality standards as the hop products. With its patent-pending technology, SoRSE Technology has converted the distillate into a water-soluble 3% emulsion for seamless integration into functional beverages for the growing Beyond Beer sector.

Yakima Chief Hemp’s water-soluble CBD distillate is classified as a broad spectrum distillate and contains a number of smaller cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils that contribute to the product’s excellent flavor profile. The new product offering enables brewers to expand their product line with CBD-fortified beverages by incorporating a one-step “drop-and-go” solution directly into the brewing process. The CBD solution offers an accurate dosage, a refreshing and pleasant taste – and it is available on a large scale. Water-soluble CBD distillate is available for product evaluation and purchase through Yakima Chief Hemp.

Bryan Pierce, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Yakima, said, “On behalf of Yakima Chief Hemp, we are excited to partner with SoRSE to provide brewers with even more solutions for creating new and exciting styles of beer. We know the beer industry thrives on innovation, and our goal is to continue to provide brewers with high quality ingredients that allow them to continue to express their creativity and talent. We look forward to building on this partnership with SoRSE as they work to bring our leading water-soluble CBD distillate to the brewing community. ”

Lee-Ann Loser, VP of Brewery Product Lines at SoRSE, commented, “SoRSE is excited to partner with Yakima Chief Hemp, a clear leader in providing high quality ingredients to the craft beer industry, to provide brewers with a superior water soluble CBD distillate to introduce. As the Beyond Beer category grows and interest in hemp continues to grow, SoRSE and Yakima Chief Hemp are now able to bring hemp from their fields to breweries in a format that makes building a scalable beverage portfolio quick and easy. This product release marks the beginning of another journey for SoRSE in collaboration with brewers and a foretaste of what we have to offer the beer industry. “

Contact Yakima Chief Hemp today at to order your water-soluble CBD distillate. For early adopters interested in learning more about the SoRSE brewery’s product lines, contact SoRSE for advance quotations before more products hit the market at the Craft Brewers Conference in September.

About Yakima Chief Hemp

Yakima Chief Hemp is a subsidiary of Yakima Chief Hops and is a 100% grower owned hemp supplier that processes and supplies extracts for the hemp and CBD industries. Because of the similarities between hops and hemp, YCH and its network of hemp farmers are able to grow and process hemp with six generations of agricultural knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in extract production. Together they approach hemp production with the same quality and environmental standards as their industry leading hops products used in breweries around the world. Through Yakima Chief Hemp, they continue their mission to connect brewers to the family farms of the Pacific Northwest.

About SoRSE technology

SoRSE technology is the leading water-soluble emulsion technology for infusing functional ingredients into beverages, foods, nutraceuticals and personal care products. SoRSE is designed for product developers to make oil-based functional ingredients water soluble for seamless integration and increased potency while delivering a consistent, safe and enjoyable experience for the consumer. With an R&D and operations team of over 30 people, SoRSE operates more than 100 leading products including Cann, Mad Tasty and Major. SoRSE technology is available in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

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