State-wide hashish recall impacts UP dispensaries

HOUGHTON, Michigan (WLUC) – All marijuana products tested by Viridis Labs (Viridis North LLC & Varidis Laboratories LLC) between August 10 and November 16 are now being recalled.

The recall excludes concentrated vape cartridges and distillates, but applies to buds, pre-rolls, and edibles.

A local pharmacy shares their experience with the recall.

“It was held immediately, so we had to look at our products to see what was being tested in that particular lab over that period. We did it all, ”said Penny Milky, General Partner at Northern Specialty Health in Houghton.

“As we were working on it, Metrc, the condition monitoring and tracking system, started putting items on hold,” added Milkey. “Once it’s on hold at Metrc, it’s impossible for the store to sell it.”

Viridis Labs tests more than half of the recreational cannabis sold in Michigan. This resulted in some pharmacies having recalled more products than others.

“Fortunately, we buy from a lot of small growers,” says Milky. “These individual companies test in different laboratories, so we only had to pull a small amount of flowers from our menu.”

A reason for the recall has not yet been disclosed. The products are still being investigated by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency.

Milky adds that because of this, labels on cannabis packaging are everything.

“There isn’t a single laboratory, the breeders can go to any laboratory,” she said.

If you’re not sure where or when your cannabis was tested – Milky says it should be easy to find out.

“Every product in Michigan has a label, right? Those labels must have who tested it, what lab and the date the lab was tested, ”said Milkey. “Whether we packed it or it came to the store wrapped, everything is on the labels.”

In addition, you can report any side effects you experience from cannabis to the MRA at any time.

You can find a link to the recall here.

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