Sweetly Baked, a CBD bakery, is opening in downtown Milwaukee

In case baked goods haven’t already made you euphoric: Downtown Milwaukee is getting an upscale CBD bakery and pastry shop in small batches next week, born of a pandemic career change.

Sweetly Baked will be launching September 7th to sell its merchandise online for shipping within Wisconsin, offering handmade macarons in flavors such as lavender-lemon and blueberry, as well as ganache-filled chocolates, brownies, cookies and dog treats made with CBD.

It is also sold out of a window once or twice a week; the first day for this is September 8th on the lower level of 770 N. Jefferson St., which is where the bakery’s communal kitchen is located. The owner is holding back from opening a storefront because of the pandemic that has slowed downtown traffic.

CBD products – sold at pharmacies and online stores that have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States in recent years – are often touted as anti-anxiety and relaxing. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is still researching the safety and effectiveness of cannabidiol consumption.

Sweetly Baked owner Amanda Buhrman said she baked to relieve stress during the lockdown and pandemic. When she turned to CBD to further help with anxiety, she found that the edible products available were mostly mass-produced gums and candy bars. So Burhman began researching how to incorporate CBD into their baked goods.

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When the VISIT Milwaukee office, where she served as Digital Marketing Director, reopened this year, Buhrman decided to turn her hobby into a career.

“I want to reinvent myself,” she says. “I just found an intense love for it.”

She researched how to legally open a bakery that sells CBD-infused products, got licensed as a grocer, and developed the recipes and brand of Sweetly Baked.

“I really want to lean on this little batch, more gourmet, handcrafted, nicer products,” she said, adding, “I see it as an opportunity and a niche in the market.”

The bakery’s items include either CBD or Delta 8, which are considered the stronger form of CBD; both are made from hemp rather than marijuana plants.

Items produced at Sweetly Baked are dosed with 10 milligrams of CBD each (Buhrman does not bake cakes, as the dosage can vary with the size of the cake slices).

“Everything I make follows Wisconsin law,” Buhrman said, adding that she makes no medical claims or promises about her products.

Prices range from $ 2 to $ 5 per item, with Delta-8 versions being more expensive.

Opening times for the September 8th pick-up window will be posted on Sweetly Baked’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Future dates and opening times will vary; they will also be announced on social media. Buhrman will also feature pop-ups, cafes and markets where she will sell more flavors and types of goods than will be available online.

She takes larger orders at sweetlybaked.com. Macarons, for example, are sold online in six-packs, $ 20 for infused CBD and about $ 25 for Delta 8. “I’m looking for a giftable experience,” Buhrman said.

One-off items and special offers like chocolate peanut butter cups are purchased through the window.

Buhrman, who lives in Shorewood with her husband and 11-year-old daughter, hopes to bring Sweetly Baked to farmer’s and maker’s markets in the coming months and is considering opening a storefront later.

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