Swiss Hashish Firm Takes Stake In Main Belgian Wholesaler, Secures Provide Settlement

The Swiss based Cannabis company Astrasana Holding AG with entities in the Czech Republic, Germany and Japan, has agreed a minority acquisition deal on a 2.5M EUR valuation with Belgian cannabis products market leader DLH/Nexgen.

Astrasana Holding AG is a fully vertically integrated cannabis company filled with key figures in each of the key markets in which it operates. The international corporation was founded by Yves Antoniazzi and his long-term European business partners. The company is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of medical cannabis and runs a state-of-the-art indoor flower production facility in Switzerland with an annual flower and extract production capacity of 3000kg.

For the board of directors it was clear that the key for a successful cannabis company in the current market isn’t just the financial backbone, but also a profound know-how and an extensive network with binding supply agreements.

“One of today’s biggest problems in the cannabis industry is the unstable raw material prices, which don’t enable companies to plan on a long-term basis. That’s why for us it was so essential to secure a safe sales channel for nearly 50% of our flower production capacity on a fixed pricing,” explained Astrasana’s CEO Yves Antoniazzi, who has worked for some of Europe’s most renowned cannabis companies over the last six years.

“Given that the European cannabis legalization process has accelerated tremendously in the past 12 months, we are obviously also teaming up to target the Belgian THC market, where DLH/Nexgen has the perfect infrastructure and network.”

DLH/Nexgen’s CEO Joeri Perneel runs Belgium’s largest legal cannabis company and is considered a pioneer in Belgium after declaring CBD-flowers under 0.2% THC as taxed cannabis products back in 2019.

Today his flower products Sensy and Jane’s Garden are listed in over 3500 points of sale throughout retail and convenience stores in Belgium. His company’s networks also include seven cannabis dispensaries called Florapoint situated in the most popular locations across the country.

Mr Perneel said: “In the past two years the cannabis market and its potential has developed massively throughout Europe. Today a strong international infrastructure allows companies to expand their product ranges and markets globally. Allying with Astrasana offers the perfect opportunity to conquer the future of cannabis together.”