The Backyard Look: Curated Hashish

Curated Cannabis has some of the most beautiful cannabis strains you’ll see in California, and for this week’s edition of Garden Glance, we’re taking a look at how all of that fantastic pot finds its way into the jars.

One of the interesting things about curated cannabis is that they work with the growers right at the point of harvest and take over from there. Unlike other companies who may be waiting for an end product, they have a much more practical role in these crucial moments. Many great pots get ruined after being crushed while drying and curing. Performing either method incorrectly will prevent the cannabis from achieving its full potential.

For this run, we’re going to take a look at their growing partners’ garden at Desert Horizon.

We think the flower is most perfect at harvest when it is in full bloom. We only process buds that are ‘true to shape’, ”said Will Sun, CEO of Curated Cannabis LA Weekly. “Your stock profiles are really helpful, especially when we don’t know the breeder. Everyone has preferences – whether you like Jacks or OGs is a personal preference. We want to make sure you get the best display of these genetics. The blossom goes from harvest to the jar and the pistils still look alive. The terpene profile and the aroma are retained even after the harvest. “