The best way to Purchase CBD for Canine in Maryland

The popularity of CBD has increased dramatically in the United States in recent years. From sodas to bath salts, everything is now offered in a CBD-infused format.

This includes CBD for dogs, a fast growing sector in the pet industry. Owners have found that CBD can help dogs deal with common conditions like joint inflammation, skin irritation, and illness Separation anxiety when you spend time alone.

Unfortunately, the growth of CBD for pets coincided with an increase in substandard and counterfeit cannabis products as bad actors try to take advantage of the increased demand. For many owners new to the world of CBD, separating real products from the scams can be confusing and difficult.

To help you out, here are some tips dog owners should keep in mind when shopping, as well as some reputable places to buy CBD for dogs in the Maryland area.

Shop from reputable brands and suppliers

Not all pet CBD products are created equal. Some manufacturers – often known as “seed to shelf” companies – have decades of experience in the cannabis industry. These brands may have their own hemp farms or long-standing relationships with hemp farmers. They often work with indigenous cannabis strains that are specially bred for dogs.

Other, less reputable brands may only care about the end processes of making CBD, such as: B. Packaging and Marketing. These companies rarely consist of more than a warehouse and website, buying pre-extracted CBD in powder form, infusing it with oils, and shipping it out to customers.

One way to get around these subpar companies is to stick with trusted brands and retailers. If you do your research online or go to a reliable pet store (see below), you can be sure that CBD products are made in the best interests of dogs. Avoid impulse buying and do not buy CBD from Amazon as CBD is not officially allowed to be sold in his market place.

Look for the right type of CBD

Most human-made CBD products are not suitable for dogs. This is because human CBD is often made from marijuana rather than hemp, a psychoactive form of the cannabis plant. Marijuana plants generally contain higher levels of THC, the compound associated with “high” levels.

Making CBD for pets from hemp plants ensures that all products are legal at both the federal and state levels and contain no more than 0.3% THC, which is considered a safe value for all dogs.

Cannabis extractions can also be broken down into three different categories: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Full Spectrum products are made with full extraction of the hemp flower, while Broad Spectrum products use partial extraction. Extracts are processed in isolate products to remove everything but pure CBD.

Dogs can benefit from any type of extract, but full-spectrum extracts are generally considered to be the most effective. This is because full-spectrum extractions provide dogs with a range of cannabis compounds, all of which safely work together to reduce inflammation.

Think about whether your pet will benefit from CBD

Like other types of cannabis products, CBD is primarily anti-inflammatory. This means it is unlikely to be of any use to happy dogs who show no signs of inflammatory disease.

Likewise, CBD is able to relieve symptoms of inflammatory dog ​​conditions such as anxiety and seizures, but it is not considered a cure for such disorders so they do not go away permanently. It is important that owners consult their veterinarian about any new problems with their dog.

Where can I buy real CBD for dogs in Southern Maryland?

Here are some reputable suppliers and manufacturers for CBD for dogs in the Maryland area:

The dog chef pet shop

Baltimore, the Mount Vernon dog chef, is known for their homemade CBD brownies, a dog-friendly treatment that relieves anxiety, pain, and inflammation. The treats are made with organic CBD oil and come with four brownies to order.

Find them at

863 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21201


BioRemedies MD

The Baltimore-based CBD maker began producing pet products in 2017, offering CBD in both treat and oil formats.

Find them at

University of Maryland Biopark, 801 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Howl in Hampden

Howl is a Baltimore pet store that uses an ethical approach to sourcing its food and products.

Find them at

3531 Chestnut Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211

+1 410-235-2469

Starlite pets

Starlite Pets is a small, pet-focused CBD company based in Jacksonville that makes full-spectrum, 100% hemp-derived organic CBD.

Find them at

14320 Jarrettsville Pike # 161, Jacksonville, MD 21131

+1 954-417-7168

Wag N ‘Wash Natural Pet Food & Care

Wag N ‘Wash, based in California, MD, is a large inventory natural pet food business that stores only tested and regulated CBD products for pets.

Find them at

22598 MacArthur Blvd, California, MD 20619


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