The Hashish Trade’s High Tech Minds

The presence of technology has changed the whole world. In the cannabis industry, it’s the backbone of most operations, whether it’s extraction, seed-to-sale tracking, customer management software, loyalty program apps, or platforms for performing delivery operations. Technology is everywhere in the cannabis field. It appears that large investments in technology continue for this industry, for example Jane Technologies just announced a $ 100 million increase. That’s a lot of money and it comes with big minds. The Green Market Report has decided to highlight some of the best and brightest in cannabis technology. Here are a few power players we think you should know about.

David McCullough, Akerna’s chief technology officer

Prior to his appointment as CTO of Akerna, David McCullough served for the past five years as Executive Vice President of Product & Engineering at Akerna, overseeing all software development, development operations, quality assurance, automation, systems and security operations. He has more than 16 years of experience in software engineering.

Prior to joining Akerna, he was CTO of StudentPublishing.comwhere he actively managed the technical aspects of student publishing sales and systems integration

David has extensive experience with government systems and has also been a professor at New Mexico State University teaching courses in data communications and networking.

Navin Anand, Springbig’s Chief Technology Officer

Navin graduated from Northern Illinois University with a master’s in electrical engineering and a master’s in technology and management.

Navin has over 15 years of software development experience including leading a team of 100 engineers at Verifone, one of the world’s largest multinational providers of payment processing and POS solutions. During his time at Verifone, Navin developed solutions for blue chip brands such as McDonalds, YUM Brands and Visa.

Navin is recognized as a data-driven leader and problem solver, able to streamline software development delivery and QA process through advanced system automation and project management, reduce lead times and align different IT departments in a common system that speaks the same language.

Tiffany Burtt, Bulb Tech founder and chief technology officer

Burtt is the founder and CEO of Bulb Tech. With 15 years of experience throttling early-stage startups on a bootstrap budget, Tiffany Burtt delivers performance-driven products and technology solutions to support go-to-market strategies, increase revenue, and open up new opportunities. Their product innovations and solutions, known for creating a rich and flawless CX design, are consistently driving sales growth and driving strategic business initiatives to improve corporate vision. Since 2014, Fortune 500 companies have acquired two of Tiffany’s projects.

In 2016, Tiffany took the plunge and used 20 years of experience as a woman in the tech industry and her lifelong affair with cannabis to build a range of powerful business tools that solve critical challenges in the industry. With unwavering passion, she believes in the combined power of cannabis and technology to improve our lives and produce lasting effects. Tiffany’s BulbTech company is run and run by women.

Tiffany’s work doesn’t stop with technology. She is a passionate advocate of women, minorities, veterans, and the LGBT community on medical cannabis and business as a whole. She trains, supervises and advises new companies that are facing the challenges of an up-and-coming industry.

Burtt has built a global team with diverse skills and backgrounds. Its reach includes India, Pakistan, London, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, the Netherlands, Indonesia and the USA.

From the digital idea / product concept to the executable definition, both technically and operationally, to the market, on budget. Tiffany is sassy, ​​gruff, original and motivated.

Marc Lopez, Drop Delivery Chief Technology Officer

Marc Lopez is the CTO and Co-Founder of Drop Delivery, the cannabis industry’s only all-in-one delivery technology solution for retailers. As a serial entrepreneur in his twenties, Marc previously co-founded Greenlight Technologies, a leading order-ahead and digital loyalty software in the cannabis industry, which was acquired by the listed Leafbuyer Technologies in 2018.

Before entering the cannabis industry, Marc co-founded two software companies for the vape industry in 2015, the e-commerce platform Vape Block and the peer-to-peer marketplace Vape Mail, where he developed the technology on which both platforms were built walked. The motivation to develop a peer-to-peer marketplace came from his previous startup Uniform in 2015, a peer-to-peer marketplace for the fashion industry.

During his studies and with his current drop delivery co-founders Vanessa and Jade Gabriel, Marc founded aSociete in 2011, a shopping platform for millennials to find their favorite fashion brands from across the web in an easy, fun and engaging way.

Marc Sherman, Chief Information Officer at HERBL

Marc Sherman is a highly skilled IT manager with over 20 years experience developing, deploying and supporting innovative enterprise supply chain system solutions that drive business growth and profitability for all parties involved.

Prior to joining HERBL, he was Vice President, Information Technology at FedEx Supply Chain, a $ 1.6 billion company.

Prior to joining FedEx, Marc spent 20 years on active service in the United States Air Force, where he held several senior operations and logistics positions in the United States, Europe, and Southwest Asia. He holds a Masters of Business Administration in Information Systems and is a former adjunct professor at Northwood University.

Sherman currently resides in Keller, Texas with his wife, Caroline.

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