The Model: Chattanooga’s FarmToMed goals to create high-quality, regionally sourced CBD merchandise

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* History: On April 20, 2019, Chris Sumrell and Tyler Head, local Chattanooga farmers with over 20 years of experience in their field, opened the first FarmToMed store on Hixson Pike. After two years, FarmToMed opened an indoor growing, processing and manufacturing facility at 4120 South Creek Road, and the main store is now at 502 North Market St.

* Mission: FarmToMed operates under a permit from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture for hemp production. Their mission is to make high quality, clean, locally sourced CBD products that their customers can trust. FarmToMed is involved in every step of the process, from growing safe and healthy plants to compounding ingredients for end products.

* Products and Services: FarmToMed begins growing the highest quality organic cannabis / hemp flowers to produce pure, full-spectrum CBD extract while maintaining the maximum wellness benefits that can be obtained from the plant. After the extraction, the oil is tested by independent and external laboratories and checked for exact product proportions.

FarmToMed tinctures, lotions and honey are handcrafted in a commercial kitchen in Chattanooga, creating a one-of-a-kind operation from seeds to sales. FarmToMed rotates four to five different smokable flowers each week for customers to buy. They work with Belle Chocolate to make CBD-infused chocolates.

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