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  • A growing industry: Leaf and Bud’s neon-accented retail space. The new pharmacy claims to be Detroit’s largest.

This year’s April 20th was the biggest ever.

According to Headset, a data tracking company in the cannabis industry. The company says the annual Stoner Holidays saw the largest one-day cannabis sales in both the US and Canada, including one day of $ 10.3 million here in Michigan. According to the company, the massive total sales represented an increase in average daily sales of + 84.5% over the last four Tuesdays in the US and a growth of + 59.9% in Canada.

The company also has some stats on cannabis companies doing business in Michigan. Gage Cannabis Co., which operates seven retail locations in Michigan, saw average daily sales increase 181% from April 20 and increase 166% year over year. The company had nearly 3,000 sales on April 20, with an average basket size of $ 171, and good old-fashioned flowers accounted for 73% of total sales.

Lume Cannabis Co., which operates 15 pharmacies in the state, recorded + 24% year-over-year growth for April 20th from 2020 to 2021, with flowers accounting for 45.95% of total sales making up most of sales on April 20th made up followed by food (17.6%), cartridges (15.5%), extract (9.8%) and pre-rolling (8.6%).

Cannabis delivery company Lantern, which also operates in Massachusetts and Colorado, reported an increase in weekly sales of 47% and monthly sales of 12.8%.

While the 84.5% growth is impressive, the U.S. cannabis market grew 100.4% in the past four weeks in 2020, and recreational cannabis sales rose 118.6% in 2019.

Michigan’s legal marijuana industry is making record sales driven by new products

Michigan’s legal marijuana industry is making record sales driven by new products

By Steve Neavling

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