three arrested for after weapons and hashish present in Redding neighborhood

REDDING, California. – A morning call for “suspicious behavior” ended Friday morning with the arrest of three people on charges of gun possession to drug sales. Some of those arrested have also been charged with violating their probation or probation obligations.

Officers answered the call just before 9:00 a.m. on Friday in the 19500 block on Medovale Lane, saying they had spotted two men standing around a vehicle. According to MPs, one of the men gave them several false names during their investigation. He was eventually identified as the 24-year-old Governor Wright.

Arrests made

Guns and ammunition found

The other man was the 32-year-old Phillip Titus, who, according to the police, was “in the care and control of the vehicle”. Titus had pending arrest warrants for his arrest and was found to be under Post Release Community Supervision in the Siskiyou district

During the investigation of the vehicle as well as of Wright and Titus, two women approached the crime scene, according to the MPs. Layla Titus, 18, was one of the women who were eventually released without charge by MPs because MPs did not believe she was involved in the criminal activities uncovered in the investigation.

The other woman was Audrea Hilton, 29. Sheriff officials said Saturday morning that Hilton had “become confrontational” and was being detained on pending arrest warrants and on “officers’ safety” grounds.

24-year-old Governor Wright began to flee at this point and was arrested after fighting. MPs said he was examined by medical professionals and was not injured in the arrest.

There were two arrests for possession of firearms. According to the investigators, Wright had several in the vehicle.

Hilton, the 29-year-old woman who was called “confrontational” by MPs, was in possession of a pistol.

Philip Titus was arrested on pending arrest warrants and for selling marijuana after a large amount of cannabis was found in the vehicle.

Hilton and Wright were arrested on pending arrest warrants for carrying loaded and hidden weapons, and for having felons in possession of firearms and ammunition. Wright was also arrested for wrongly identifying himself.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office said California Highway Patrol helped them with the incident.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with additional information on the case to call SHASCOM at (530) 245-6540.