Tiger Group Liquidates $15M Hemp CBD Merchandise & Equipment As COVID Disrupts Hashish Provide Chain

Based in Los Angeles Tiger group showed on Thursday that it is Selling more than 55 million units of brand new hemp CBD wellness products, packaging and related supplies in one major liquidation event.

The Inventory – totaling around $15 million – is aviable Buy it now at SoldTiger.com.

Offerings include jars, tinctures, concentrates, plastic packaging, bottles, hemp pre-rolls, cans, labels, sachets, hemp CBD/spa items and more.

The liquidation sale of items – stored in facilities in California, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Ontario, Canada – takes about 60 days.

“As we enter 2022, we are very pleased to be able to offer one of the largest inventory of this type of product mix to the secondary market,” he said Jonathan Holiday, Director of Business Development at Tiger Trade & Industry. “Prices below the market price are made available to buyers purchasing large quantities of the packaging and accessories.

Supply chain of the COVID and cannabis industry

Meanwhile, the news comes amid the current pandemic-related product shortages that the cannabis industry and the rest of the business community has faced in recent months.

With the rise of the Omicron variant, some Massachusetts cannabis companies are missing out foreign-made packaging and building materials such as evaporator batteries and cartridges and child-resistant containers, reported the Boston Globe.

On the other hand, staffing issues arising for the same reason only exacerbate the problem, resulting in higher operating costs, limited product choice, and delayed construction of new buildings.

“All of our business expectations are thrown out of whack at the moment,” Kobie Evans, co-owner of the Pure Oasis Marijuana store in Boston’s Grove Hall neighborhood, said. “The virus has thrown everything into a tailspin.”

Photo: Courtesy of Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash