Travis Lemon: Hemp is extra than simply CBD | Options/Leisure

We came to associate hemp with CBD, and while CBD is still the most popular cannabinoid on the shelves of your local health food store or supplement, there are three new letters that may appear on those shelves as well.

CBN or cannabinol is actually the first cannabinoid to be isolated from hemp as early as 1899. Recent data shows that CBN can be helpful in supporting healthy sleep and promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

Research has also shown that CBN can be a promising supplement in supporting healthy bones.

Recently, consumers have been drawn to CBN to aid sleep. Many people find a supplement that contains both CBD and CBN a helpful way to unwind after a long day. I think this approach is most likely the best way to incorporate CBN into your daily regimen.

With a combination supplement, we can take advantage of the popular endocannabinoid system support benefits of CBD as well as the more specific benefits of CBN. This approach also fits in with what many health experts refer to as the entourage effect, where supplementing with a supplement containing multiple cannabinoids may be more effective than just a single cannabinoid isolated.

As far as choosing a CBN supplement, I would look for a product that has more CBD than CBN. If you are new to hemp cannabinoid supplements, I would start with around 2.5 mg of CBN serving before bed for a few days and increase to 5 mg if necessary. As of now, I think 5 mg of CBN per night is a pretty adequate dose.

If you are already taking CBD, you may want to continue with the supplement that works best for you on a daily basis, but switch to a CBD / CBN combo on days that you may need extra help with winding down.

While CBD has been in the limelight in the supplement world for a few years now, we’re getting a better picture of what some of the 100+ other cannabinoids in hemp can help with as well. I’m excited to see where this newer cannabinoid research takes us in the hemp supplement category. If research on CBN shows it, it seems like an exciting future for more specific cannabinoid supplements.

Travis Lemon is a certified herbalist and co-owner of Tulsi at The Market in Huntington. He has been in the natural health and wellness industry for over 14 years. He can be contacted at