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Have you ever tried tobacco-free smoke wraps? If not, we recommend that you do that twisted hemp wrap. The twisted wraps are nicotine- and tobacco-free smoking rolls that are available in various delicious flavors. As a result, these smoke wraps are free from harsh chemicals or tobacco that can harm your body.

One pack of twisted wraps contains four unique flavors. So you can enjoy a bunch of flavors with every session. Smoking is something that requires updates and changed strategies on some different smoking products. Therefore, twisted has tried to bring as much twist as possible with its new start.

Smoke wrap without additives

Additives are something that is intentionally added to the product. So, these additives contain harmful chemicals and are therefore not good for your health. The smoke wraps usually contain various additives as flavor enhancers. Twisted has therefore brought the update that their motto is “Say no to additives”.

And so it happened that the twisted hemp smoke packs are free of any additives and chemicals. Without a doubt, additives are usually flavor enhancers, but twisted wraps don’t need them. The twisted wraps are available with all natural ingredients. So don’t compromise on quality and stick with the twisted wraps as they are the best option.

Natural ingredients and pure hemp

Most blunt smoke rolls do not contain pure hemp in smoke rolls. So the companies are cheating on the users and therefore offering them adulterating smoke packs. So in contrast to all other smoke winding companies twisted hemp smoke rolls are available with natural ingredients.

Hemp is not readily available and therefore rare. It is imported specifically for use in the smoke envelopes. For example, Canadian hemp is specially imported and then used in the smoke envelopes. Hemp is considered a healthy smoking material and does not affect the lungs or kidneys.

Non-GMO product

The twisted wraps are made according to good manufacturing practices and are therefore GMO-free. Hence, there isn’t a single change in genes or DNA in the structure of hemp or any other material present in the wraps. So these all consist of natural raw materials without external means.

Instructions for using the twisted hemp smoke packs

These are some of the steps and methods that you need to follow in order to get the smoother vapor. So let’s start:

· First open the resealable bag and take out a pack

Second, grind up your desired filling, whatever you want to use

· Then carefully pour the filling into the wrap

· So after stuffing, wrap or pucker the edges to roll it properly

· Now gently squeeze it and moisten the corner to seal it exactly

· Your smoke pack is ready to be vaporized so enjoy it!

frequently asked Questions

How many flavors are there for twisted smoke wraps?

There are roughly 8 flavors of twisted hemp wraps available in the market. All of these flavors are natural and contain organic ingredients. One pack contains at least 4 different flavors. So you can now enjoy the variety of smoke flavors with just one pack. The flavors are:

· Endless Summer

· Californian dream

· Tropical breeze

· Blue banana

· Blue raspberry cherry

· Grapes burst

· Plain Jane

· Sweet

Are these twisted hemp smoke packs gluten free?

Yes of course they do Gluten-free wraps made from twisted hemp have been specially developed for celiac patients. Therefore, those who have a gluten intolerance can easily use these wraps as these wraps do not contain a single type of tobacco. So what are you waiting for? Everything you need is here so buy it now and enjoy the endless flavors.

Final verdict

Twisted hemp wrap are the best smoke wraps out there, so they have the extra features. These additional properties add to the value of these hemp wraps. There are no adulterants or toxins in these wraps. So, enjoy them freely and vaporize the hassle free smoke.

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Twisted hemp wrap is the best nicotine and tobacco free smoke roller for a powerful sesh. These smoke wraps are available in different flavors and natural ingredients

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