Undervalued Hashish Shares About to Bounce? | @SC_FUNDS

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Undervalued cannabis stocks before the rebound? | @SC_FUNDS

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As from our interview background, we all know that the cannabis sector was underwater for most of 2021. This is because the cannabis stock industry has been plagued by a lack of legislative action, problems with custodians, and now heavy tax losses.

With many winners from other sectors from a solid year in broad markets, investors use cannabis to cash in on their losses. The downtrend is likely to continue until the end of these sales.

However, cannabis stocks may be ready to move higher again. With the events of 2021, many cannabis stocks are valued cheaply as they have made strides in expanding into new states, opening new pharmacies, and achieving great financial performance.

“The underlying US MSO businesses have continued to strengthen, continue to gain access to capital, and continue to grow. And their stock prices have fallen. They were much more attractive in several ways than at the beginning of the year and a year ago. That will obviously affect some investors and you will find some money flowing into it. And with luck, we’ll talk more about law on the way to the US midterm elections next November. and we’ll see stock prices rise in anticipation. ”- Bruce Campbell, Portfolio Manager, StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund

Potential catalysts are coming online next year (the biggest of these is the US after Malta in legalizing cannabis). So 2022 could be the year of weed populations again.


00:00 – StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund Portfolio Manager Bruce Campbell
01:01 – Malta legalization
01:46 – 2022 Outlook for the cannabis industry
04:09 – Reaction of the share price to possible changes in the law
06:36 – CSE step system
07:14 – Biden administration
08:18 – Favorite weed stocks
9:00 am – cannabis stock scandals

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