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The U.S. Department of Agriculture finalized its new regulation for starting a domestic hemp production program effective March 22nd.

A statement from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Commerce and Consumer Protection assured hemp growers that they will continue to operate under the guidelines set out in the 2014 Farm Bill through the rest of 2021. The agency also expects an emergency rule to be published by May.

“In accordance with the final federal rule, the Department’s Emergency Rule provides hemp growers with a way to remediate their crops if an initial regulatory THC test determines that the crop exceeds the legal limit of 0.3% total delta-9 THC” read the statement.

At the federal level, there are only limited remedial options to prevent complete destruction of the plants. This will help growers not to be excluded from the program, especially as they learn about the concentration of THC in different strains.

USDA now also limits these negligence violations to one per year. The department also begins sampling the top eight inches of the crop instead of the top two inches as previously done.