WATCH: Hashish Expo 2021 – CBD infused burgers and extra —

Billed as their big return, the 2021 Cannabis Expo was a four-day event held at the Sandton Convention Center from November 18-21.

Numerous exhibitors representing the entire spectrum of the cannabis industry were represented in the exhibition hall.

The Cannabis Expo is the largest cannabis event in Africa, a market that has attracted large investors around the world.

Silas Howarth, the director of the Cannabis Expo, said this would be the first major public exhibition as things keep opening up under Covid-19 bans.

The expo is an opportunity for businesses to work together and for urban farmers to expand their market. The medicinal benefits have been widely commercialized, and cannabidiol (CBD) is only part of the 100+ constituents of cannabis, says Silas.

He said their partnership with JuicyFields helped create a private smoking area where people could legally consume and smoke cannabis.

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The citizen visited the expo food market and we tried cannabis-infused foods and drinks and learned more about CBD oils.

WATCH: Cannabis Expo 2021

Tristan Dias is the owner of Billy’s Booze and Biltong and started his CBD business in 2019 with a craft store in Modderfontein, Johannesburg.

With years of experience in the alcohol industry, he started the business with the help of his brother, a food specialist who developed recipes for the biltong.

“We marinate the biltong in alcohol. Marinating takes about two to three days. We have [collaborated] with local, smaller distilleries. “

One of these distilleries is owned by Jack Parow the Afrikaans rapper. They use his brandy for the biltong.

Another brand they use is Vok Off Lager for their biltong slices and tequila for their chilli canapes. After it hardens, there’s not much of the alcoholic taste left, but what you get is damp biltong, says Dias.

The Dry Wors, known as their “High Wors,” have CBD, and Tristan says the process of making its products is expensive because CBD oil is expensive.

“There is a slight undertone of CBD taste in the dry words, but there is enough CBD.”

CBD-infused gins are also in great demand and Billy’s offers Norweed Gin, a naturally fortified cannabis spirit.

In search of the best CBD bites, cannabis-infused burgers, wraps, coffee, slushies and vegan meals caught the eye.

HuntaHerb is a plant-based restaurant in Johannesburg and the meals are enriched with various CBD oils.

The Rosti-Farian Burger is a bean and beetroot patty, served on a light ciabatta charcoal bread, with wild rocket, pickled red onions, grilled pineapple, avo and sweet pineapple mayonnaise.

When we ordered, Elixir Africa’s range of CBD oils was the option. Elixir ranges from repair to relaxation that helps with anxiety, focus and energy. A few drops of oil are placed on the burger.

We decided on the repair oil. It’s hard to tell if there was any effect on mood or body. The burger was juicy and very satisfying.

Elixir rep Bala says their products also contain cannabis edibles like gums and chocolate spreads that contain 20 mg of CBD per jar. The products only contain CBD and other traces of cannabinol oils.

THC was a hot topic at the show because it has more traces of cannabis in it and is much more high-feeling.

A very limited number of products had this opportunity at the expo and the use of THC in public is still considered illegal.

It is recommended that you try these products out in the comfort of your own home.