Weedmangets Hashish Regulatory Fee OK for conditional license

The state’s most notable pot advocate has gone legit.

Edward “NJ Weedman” Forchion said he was told Thursday he’s been awarded a conditional retail license to legally sell cannabis in the state of New Jersey.

“There were so many days I was laid up in jail looking at the top bunk wondering if this day would ever come,” Forchion told the Courier-Post shortly after getting the news. “And now it’s here.”

Forchion has spent more than 400 days in jail over the past 25 years after first being arrested for possessing 45 pounds of marijuana.

Late Thursday afternoon, Forchion began receiving texts from his friends and colleagues in the cannabis advocacy community telling him they had heard the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission call his name as they announced new license awardees.

Forchion said his daughter, Chanel, was awarded a conditional cultivator license for what will eventually be a growing location in Penns Grove, Salem County. One of his goals has been to establish generational wealth for his children.

Forchion’s license was awarded to his dispensary in Trenton, which is just a stone’s throw from his previous establishment. Both are across from City Hall.

He and his staffers just moved into the new dispensary Thursday. The dispensary features three separate rooms for flower, edibles and concentrates. There’s a $5 cover charge to go in, and an outdoor lounging area in back where they host events and hang out.

Considered a trailblazer and king of the marijuana black market in New Jersey, Forchion said New Jersey’s marijuana industry has been around, and thriving for a long time. It just wasn’t legal. It also wasn’t corporate — and for him, it still isn’t.

A community figure, Weedman stands outside his business and greets people on the street. Many want to shake his hand. Others want a picture with him. Horns honk as cars pass by.

Elated at Thursday’s news, Forchion said he “might just give away free weed all day tomorrow.”

“I want to cry remembering all the days I spent in a cage – it’s really happened,” he said.

This is a developing story and may be updated.