Weekly Recap: Fouani Enters Nigerian Child Diaper Market, Hemp-Based mostly Female Care Manufacturers Develop Merchandise To Curb Local weather Change And Extra – Nonwovens Trade Journal

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This week unraveled with some new companies entering the hygiene market. On Monday, Nigerian consumer goods manufacturer Fouani announced it will be entering the disposable baby diaper market. Fouani has invested in two, state-of-the-art baby diaper lines at its facility in Lagos. The lines will produce a wide range of top-class diaper products with absorbent cores made of pulp and superabsorbent polymer. 


Meanwhile, two feminine hygiene startups are making crimson waves with their hemp-based pads and tampons that the founders are hoping will have a significant impact on the reduction of single-use plastics on the environment. 


Texas-based Hempress, started by recent college graduates Marilyn Austin and McKenna Avery, aims to have their products — made entirely of hemp — available early next year. Tennessee-based Trace FemCare, Inc., run by former nurse practitioner Claire Crunk and Megan Galaske, head of brand, will introduce their feminine hygiene products made of a hybrid of hemp and organic cotton, by fall 2022.