What are the preferred objects at Worcester’s hashish retailers?

WORCESTER – The tenth cannabis retailer recently opened in town.

And Worcester County has twice as many cannabis licenses as the next higher county.

Marijuana appears to be thriving in central Massachusetts.

According to some retailers, cannabis flowers are the most popular product in their stores. Retailers say it’s because of its action that can make people energetic, calm, and happy.

The flowers are consumed through smoking, through a joint (sometimes called a cannabis cigarette), pipe, or bong (a water pipe that allows the consumer to filter smoke through water).

So what are the most popular products in Worcester’s 10 cannabis stores?

Buds Warren, 64 West Boylston St.

The most popular items at Bud’s Goods are the “Lil Buds,” tiny buds that, according to Bud’s Goods founder and CEO Alex Mazin, contain the same cannabinoids and terpenes of one’s personal favorite strains.

Lil Buds are flower buds that customers can consume through a rolled joint or vape. It costs $ 30 after tax per eighth of an ounce.

“They’re popular because it’s the best and cheapest eighth in the state,” said Mazin.

The shop is currently in the ninth business month and will open in November 2020.

A native of Worcester, Mazin grew up near the store that used to be Eastern Boarder, Worcester’s first skateboard and snowboard shop.

The building also housed the former Gold Star Diner, which closed during the pandemic.

Bud’s Goods later took over the room.

Clear skies, 143 Southwest Cutoff

The Clear Sky location in Worcester opened about two weeks ago.

“We wanted to bring Clear Sky to Worcester because we were on an island in western Massachusetts, so to speak. We wanted to be in a more populated area of ​​Massachusetts, “said David Carrion, Store Manager at Worcester Clear Sky.

The flower is the most popular product in stores, and cannabis in its original form will always be the most in-demand product, according to Jimmy Long, Clear Sky Director of Marketing.

Other popular items in the store are vaporizers and edibles.

Cultivate Stocks, 1023 Southbridge St.

The most popular items in Cultivate Holdings are pre-rolls and flowers because pre-rolls are easy, convenient to consume and sell at a lower price.

The flower is always popular and “Chocolate OG” is the crowd favorite, according to Karla Crowell, Marketing Director at Cultivate Holdings.

The store’s second most popular item would be its edible item, Hexies (infused fruit chews). They are made in-house using distillate extracted in their laboratory.

The shop also has three large “bud bars” that showcase its flowers and concentrates.

The store opened on June 15th and expanded from Framingham to Worcester.

Diem Cannabis, 74 Grafton St.

“Stardawg,” a sativa strain (a narrow-leaved cannabis with lower doses of CBD and higher doses of THC), is the best-selling item at Diem Cannabis, said Adam Fayyad, store manager.

“Our customers use it for a variety of reasons. They report that it helps with anxiety and depression. It gets them on their feet and can work more, ”said Fayyad.

Fayyad said the store has a wide variety of customers ranging from regulars and workers to doctors and doctors.

“Black Mamba” is the second product that is always in high demand, an indica-dominant strain that contains the opposite effects of “Stardawg”.

“People go to sleep. You can sleep at night and don’t need to take any medication, ”said Fayyad.

The shop opened in June 2020.

Good Chemistry, 9 Harrison St.

All grown locally by Good Chemistry Nurseries, Cannabis Flower has become the most popular product at Good Chemistry, according to Matthew J. Huron, Founder and CEO of Good Chemistry.

“People like our flower products for the variety and quality,” said Huron.

“Ingrid” is the most popular product among indica strains, which can be helpful for nighttime pain relief and sleep; “XJ-13” is a sativa strain that can offer increased creativity, energy, and focus, as well as a feeling of euphoria; “Sour Chill” is a hybrid-class strain that can convey a feeling of relaxation and a sense of relief.

Good Chemistry Nurseries opened its medical pharmacy in August 2018 and added recreational adult cannabis in the same location in May 2019.

The concentrates made from Good Chemistry cannabis strains are also one of the most popular items in the shop.

Mayflower Medicinals, 645 Park Ave.

After Mayflower Medicinals had the Mayflower Medical Dispensary in Boston for several years, Mayflower Medicinals sought Worcester as the closest natural location for the company and opened in December 2020.

According to Matthew Surowiec, General Manager of Mayflower Medicinals in Worcester, the “own” brands in the shop are the most popular products.

The “Last Resort” flower is one of the most popular items for customers who prefer a smokable part of a cannabis plant.

“‘Last Resort’ is our 7G pre-ground shake option, ideal for consumers who love to roll,” said Surowiec.

The shop’s own edible brands such as “The Makery Chews” and “The Cookie Jar” are also loved by customers.

“My personal favorite is our Littles brand, which contains 14 grams of“ small ”or“ popcorn nugs, ”ideal for flower lovers,” said Surowiec.

Mission Worcester, 640 Lincoln St., Suite 200

Customers like Mission Worcester Dispensary’s “Unbiased Opinion” sativa the most as it would bring them more energy and an uplifting, happy stream.

“I think this one is the most popular because it is good for everything, like when you are outdoors during the day, hanging out with friends, going shopping, or cleaning your house, it is just going to be really uplifting and it has a very great effect happy effect. It’s stimulating, “said Beth, a store manager.

Actually, “Unbiased Opinion” grew out of a funny story, she said.

Beth said she didn’t know the lineage of this species and originally thought it was CBD seeds, but it later turned out to be the highest THC after growing.

The name of the product was invented by the patients at the Georgetown store and had them vote on the name.

The recreational use site opened last October, while the medical store opened a little over two years ago.

New Dia, 118 Cambridge St.

New Dia is temporarily closed and will reopen on August 28th.

New Dia Cannabis Supply in Worcester opened in early March this year and is owned by Ross Bradshaw and his father Richard in an area disproportionately affected by the drug war.

New Dia did not respond to multiple phone calls and emails.

Resinate, 1191 Millbury St.

According to Dylan Latre, branch manager, “Premium Blue Dream”, a cannabis flower, is the shop’s best-selling item.

According to Latre, the flower is functional and there is a lot of energy behind it that motivates people to do their job.

“Typically, a lot of people associate cannabis with laziness and a feeling of sluggishness,” said Latre. “I think the Blue Dream is a big contradiction to that. It gives you a lot of energy. It’s something people like to use to clean their house or do some gardening work, which I think is pretty cool and is a pretty big attractor. ”

The Worcester pharmacy opened in March 2020.

The Botanist, 65 Pullman St.

The botanist continues his first year of adult sales and is known for his locally grown flower and live concentrates.

Fan favorite strains, both in flower and extract, include LA Pop Rockz and Orange Mojito with bold citrus notes accompanied by floral undertones, said Matthew Davidson, manager of the Botanist Dispensary.

“Our large-scale cultivation and butane hydrocarbon laboratory produces high quality flower and terpene concentrates,” he said.

The business has been serving medical needs in Worcester County for nearly three years.